Podcast Season 2 Episode 20


Title: Longer than expected

In this episode: The London Stock Exchange is super fast, thanks to Linux, while Android celebrates its 100,000th app submission. We discover things and talk about tiling window managers, while our listeners talk about Ubuntu's Unity.

What's in the show:

  • News:
  • Discovery of the week:
    • Mike:
      • Mike somehow discovers the original 1982 source code to the Atari 2600 version of Pole Position.
      • The Game_Music_Emu library is a fantastic source of chip tune nostalgia.
    • Graham:
    • Andrew:
      • The command-line is awesome for moving things with the 'mv' command.
    • Paul:
      • Continuously record audio to a new file every hour with Rotter.
      • Automator, on OS X, is very impressive, and can make scripts and commands redundant.
  • You Dare Us:
      Discover how we coped using a tiling window manager for two weeks, and find out what we've decided to tackle for our next episode (and here's a link to Paul's T-Shirt).
  • In the Hot Seat:
    • Everyone's favourite, Mike Saunders, dabbles with the dice of destiny.
  • Open Ballot: do you support Ubuntu's move to Unity?

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Presenters: Andrew Gregory, Paul Hudson, Graham Morrison and Mike Saunders.

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Music by Brad Sucks.

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Shiny new poscast

I'm at work but can't wait to get home and listen to his over dinner :D


In a previous podcast, Graham Morrison said that we should be able to point at one interface and say "here is the Linux desktop". He has bemoaned the duplication of effort and confusion it can cause for new users and now he is saying that he thinks Unity is a good thing. Isn't this a bit inconsistent?


Still don't agree with you guys about meego - but time will tell who is right! I think there is space for another OS in the smartphone world, and I particularly like the look of Meego. As mobile-phone technology is advancing so quickly, (my current laptop (Thinkpad T40) is almost outclassed by my phone (N900), specification-wise), the next step is for a full linux stack in a phone, enabling easy portability between the desktop and the phone, just with a change in the UI.

Nokia just aren't going to let go of the reins of their phones to an outsider (be it google, or, I seriously doubt, microsoft) and become just another handset OEM. They're going to have to compete by offering something different and new, there's no point in joining the already huge band of iphone-clones to make a quick buck. Given their history in two previous frontiers - mobile phone adoption, and smartphone adoption (the N95), I don't see why they can't be the company that takes mobiles to the next stage, whatever that may be, and I certainly wouldn't put it past them (not yet anyway!).

P.S. When are we having a tuxradar meet?


PS - have you guys used the interface on the N900? It is truly genius for a phone! It is probably the best implementation of multitasking on something this small.

Unity actually works quite well for me

While I often disagree with you guys when you talk about Ubuntu and think you are overly apologetic, I'm using Unity on my netbook and I won't say it works great, but it works. I could be a bit more stable and a bit more speed but other then that it does what it's supposed to and I really like it, actually I find it a lot more appealing then the Gnome-Desktop.

Summary: Make it faster Canonical and fix the crashissues and t will be great.

Not sure yet...

I am hoping that Unity will be awesome but im not sure I will like it since Im so used to the normal Gnome desktop.

I hope I at least like either Gnome shell or Unity but at this moment I think Unity will be better. Gnome shell seems like eye candy without the usability!

Galaxy Live Wallpaper

Does any one know how to make Galaxy Live Wallpaper run automatically on system start up? So I don't have to press <super>+<F4> every time.

Wheel of Fortune

4 geeks lugging a bulking wheel. The idea is so stupid I cannot laugh. How many geeks does it take to come up with the idea of a virtual wheel?

Sorry for the sarcasm guys. I love and respect you all. Just enjoying being ahead of you for once.

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