Podcast Season 2 Episode 15


Title: Gnaborretni

In this episode: Ubuntu 10.10 is going to add gesture support and 11.04 is going to be called the Natty Narwhal. Debian 6.0 has been feature frozen while Oracle sets its sights on Google. Discover how we fared with our Nethack challenge and how we filled the Open Ballot section without an Open Ballot.

What's in the show:

  • News:
      Ubuntu 10.10 is going to add gesture support, according to Mark. 10.04.1 is out and 11.04 is going to be called the Natty Narwhal. Debian 6.0 (aka Squeeze) has been feature frozen and Oracle has filed a lawsuit against Google over its use of Java technologies.
  • You Dare Us:
      Discover how we fared in the world of Nethack, and we reveal our most ambitious challenge yet.
  • Discovery of the week:
    • Mike:
    • Graham:
      • On Ubuntu and Debian, if you want to compile something, you can install its development dependencies with 'apt-get build-dep something'.
      • And there's now a Spotify plugin for Logitech Squeezebox users.
    • Paul:
      • iPython, an enhanced Python shell, helps you guess Python things very easily.
      • If you're a fan of weird unicode symbols, try and find gnaborretni (U+2E18).
    • Andrew:
      • ZSnes is still excellent.
  • In the Hot Seat:
    • Paul tackles a very special wheel of destiny.
  • Open Ballot: Mystery Section!
    • Listen to the mixed results of the best idea we could come up with when we realised we'd forgotten to post an Open Ballot question.

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Presenters: Andrew Gregory, Paul Hudson, Graham Morrison and the return of Mike Saunders.

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Music by Brad Sucks.

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NetHack rules...

playing from a console is feasible, if you get confused by the YUIJKLH (or whatever) keys, you can activate the numapd option and use the numeric keypad, and you're done ;)

Linky poos

Fix the links above, ta ;)


The latest issue about networking is ace.

Any chance of a feature about smb.conf and suggested configuration/s for a typical home network?

I think my use case is typical...

- each users home directory on the server is accessible by that user and that user alone.

- a common shared directory readable/writeable by all users
but not by anyone else (ie. hackers from outside)

I know how to alter the fstab file to automatically mount on boot my samba share on another Linux box, but am unsure how to automount on boot a samba share on a Windows XP or Mac (Leopard) client.

Is it possible to do a [homes] share whereby you can use a variable, so that each users samba share is mounted in a folder in that users home directory on the client so that when one person logs out and another logs the appropriate samba share is waiting for them in their home directory?

I couldn't figure out how to do this using [homes] and ended up putting a separate entry in smb.conf for each user.

Also, have had some difficulties with permissions as regards writing to the shared folder.

Also not everyone uses KDE or Gnome, so I think the command line side of networking is important. [Xubuntu 10.04 Gigolo/thunar mounting has been problematical also].

PS. after reading Graham's review of the Sheeva plug I am keen to buy one. Unsure whether to plump for the jffs2 version or the Ubiffs version of Ubuntu though. What are the main differences? Is it possible to install Debian Lenny on these things? If so how?


Which links?

I do NOT...

...watch Coronation Street. :(

Extending the You Dare Us to You Dare Everyone

I love the new "you dare us" with the game development but why not include the listenership in this dare,

Why not allow everyone to participate once the code they produce is provided under an appropriate licence.

We could even bundle the games into a tuxradar game BUNDLE.


p.s I agree with Samba the latest issue is very good :)

I Triple Dog Dare You...

...to use Puppy Linux for 14 short days. I realize you have a predilection as a group for using and discussing only popular distros, but to its credit, Puppy has been hanging out in the top 10 for at least 2 years now...


Mike Saunders go to Germany to have his wit sharpened?
Some of that banter was lightning quick.

Was I in an alternate

Was I in an alternate dimension or did the podcast really just descend into an episode of "Who's Line Is It Anyway?"

Back in the day...

..didn't Nick Veitch start Reader's Games in Amiga Format? And did that not trigger off the development of Worms? Anyway, maybe you could do the same?



I must have descended into the same dimension.

open ballot

your new mystery replacement that is supposed to replace open ballot(if it sticks) shows how much you like to read our opinions...:(

Vultures Eye Nethack

Vultures Eye is the best way to play Nethack. It has a fully graphical interface and even music and sounds!

I was thinking before ye guys started the challenge that I should have given ye instructions on how to compile and get it running.

Im impressed that Paul got to level 24. Im currently on level 13 but I can't figure out how to get any further.

I might just mail ye guys the compiled Vultures Eye Nethack if ye wanna check it out.

Let me know if ye are interested!


sorry, I goofed in forgetting to edit the bit copied and pasted into the last; it should read:

if has("gui")
inoremap <C-Space> <C-x><C-o>
else " no gui
if has("unix")
inoremap <Nul> <C-x><C-o>
" I have no idea of the name of Ctrl-Space elsewhere

*stupid boy*

Ubuntu NN and networking

I think that Ubuntu 10.10 would be better named something like Nimble Nightingale.

In reference to the comment about networking in Linux, I have not yet read the article in LXF 136 but intend to do so. In the past I had no problems with networking Xandros with Windows and Linux PCs, but since using Ubuntu I cannot get any kind of file sharing working over the network. I mostly only use my Ubuntu PC now, but it would be great in the networking/filesharing just worked in Ubuntu like it did in Xandros. (I gave up using Xandros 4 as the PC it was on had some problems with the hard disk, I had to reinstall, but it would not reinstall properly, and had problems with updating it, otherwise it was an excellent distro.) I want to share files between my Ubuntu PC and my Asus Eee PC (running its default Xandros), but so far have had no luck in getting it working.

by the way I love that

by the way I love that snakes and ladders game.

booo! :)

I actually dare you to develop the game together. So, instead of four non-baked games just one which might have potential. At all. Seriously... ;)


I promise you my game won't be non-baked - I've already written the main game core, and now I just need to work on the graphics and other bits. I think it's a pretty neat game, but everyone is different :)

Talking about Ubuntu

You know what? You really should talk about Ubuntu more.

I've finished launching a very large website project, it was developed on a Ubuntu server, the staging copy was on a Ubuntu server, the live copy was on a five separate RHEL servers.

This is a problem. No really, it was awful, really awful, so awful I considered jumping off my balcony to a quick death (exaggeration possibly committed).

So what is my problem exactly?

Well, it seemed all of the critical PHP packages where four years out of date. Project requires PHP 5.3? Too bad, you've got 5.1.6. Project requires a non buggy version of LibXML and LibXSL? Too bad, both packages where for versions in 2006? Want to sanitise user input with HTML Tidy? Too bad! Want to not spend an extra four hours adding external repository after external repository while voiding the whole security == out of date policy of RHEL? To Flying Spaghetti Monster bad!

FSM praise Ubuntu LTS! I will never poke fun at your brownness again.

In all seriousness, as a daily Linux user I cannot wait to see the last of CentOS and RHEL, what a nightmare.

I'll stick with Red Hat, thanks.

The real problem isn't that Ubuntu is any better, its that its so horribly out of date. When you compare contemporary releases of Fedora to Ubuntu, and RHEL/CentOS to Ubuntu LTS, I'll stick with my Red Hat distribution, thanks.

For crying out loud RHEL5 was based on Fedora Core 6! RHEL/CentOS 6 really should have been here 2 years ago (based on Fedora 9), and we should be on RHEL7 and eagerly waiting for 8 already. If Red Hat is listening at all, I know that most of your poor corporate customers don't have the big bucks in this economic downturn, but by not releasing a full updated distribution, you are bleeding users for the exact reasons that buzzomatic describes. This is the major strength of the Ubuntu LTS cycles.

I have just decided...

I am changing my nom de plume on this website to "Flying Spaghetti Monster"...

Different title for new section

"Have I got GNUs for you?"

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