Podcast Season 2 Episode 11


Title: The one without Andrew, mostly.

In this episode: Google releases its own command-line tool, Ubuntu drops F-Spot, and has anyone seen Mandriva? Listen to the results of our haiku challenge, and we ask, do you use open source software for freedom or function?

What's in the show:

  • News:
      Google has released a command-line tool, called GoogleCL, to access many of its own services. Following Fedora, Ubuntu is going to replace the F-Spot photo manager with young upstart, Shotwell, for its next release. And where has Mandriva gone?
  • You Dare Us:
      Listen to Paul and Graham's lack of ability at writing haiku and limericks, while Mike's were actually pretty good.
  • Discovery of the week:
  • In the Hot Seat:
    • This episode, it's Graham Morrison's turn to hold the dousing rod of fate.
  • Open Ballot:

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Presenters: Andrew Gregory, Paul Hudson, Graham Morrison and Mike Saunders

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Music by Brad Sucks.

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Your comments

hot topic suggestion

Is Capello wrong to play Gerrard on the left?

re. Shotwell

Disappointed to hear that Shotwell will replace f-spot as the default photo app. I was counting on Kalbum becoming the default.

Having tried to get my mom going with F-Spot

I gladly welcome our new Shotwell overlords. Mono arguments completely aside, trying to get my mom comfortable using F-Spot was impossible. The UI was inconsistent, unintuitive, and generally a bag of crap. It tried to be iPhoto, but acted more like iPhoto's special-needs cousin with explosive diarrhea. I got her going with GThumb since it does everything she needs, we'll see if Shotwell is any better.

hot topic / open ballot suggestion

If Linux was a footballer, would it be more of a Lionel Messi or more of a Robert Green?

Paul in the Hot Seat

Python? I sense there's something you yearn to tell the world ...


Hehe, I was going to suggest that. He's had a good old rant about it in the past, very funny.

Failing that, I suggest Android, because I daresay Paul probably knows bugger all about it. :D

Python indeed...

Paul, one minute in the hot seat on "What's so great about Python!"


[note to self, read other post first]

you're going to hate this, but

The guy from Disney incorporated came over to Sydney recently and no-one asked him whether the copyright legislation that prevented anyone from using images such as Mickey Mouse smoking a hookah was why he was out here to prevent such stuff.

I live in Bankstown, and people actually sit in cafes and smoke fruit flavoured tobacco from hookahs. so it's something
people actually do. Why can't we see t-shirts with Mickey and Minnie engaging in consenting sexual positions?

It's a problem if corporations deny fair use of icons, especially when the use might actually produce interesting "art".

This is actually not about Mickey Mouse, it's about fair use and freedom.

Get over the image of Mickey and Minnie (even though at this point, all I can do is suggest it, if I were to actually draw it, I might be thrust before a magistrate)

Copy rights are an important issue, could you place a tag on the wheel for someone to discuss please? What do you think about this? Are the laws different over there in the UK? You mention that there aren't patents, is this similar?

There, that's what I want to say.



Surely I already do enough programming ranting on Twitter - do you really want me to rant about programming on the podcast? ;)


Now don't make us wheel out Mrs Doyle...

Cool command that fits in a text message

Here is a good one that is short that will create music :)

cat /dev/urandom /dev/dsp

RE: Cool command that fits in a text message

Opps. I missed something.

cat /dev/urandom > /dev/dsp


harriseldon?! Considering the audience, most likely to be a play on Hari Seldon of Asimov's Foundation. You geeks should know that ;)

Re Shotwell / F-Spot

I did once try to use F-Spot and found it very difficult to do what I wanted. I was already using Digikam and continue to do so. I would be willing to give Shotwell a try, as anything is better than F-Spot.

Mandriva gone

I heard you mention that Mandriva is going out of business quite possibly, and I knew recently that it might be a possibility if they have no more money. But, only recently I installed Mandriva Instant On on my PC, to have a distro to boot into quickly instead of loading up Ubuntu. It worked great, but just a few days ago it stopped working. It boots but only to a completely blank screen instead of the normal Mandriva Instant On desktop. And this failure of Mandriva Instant On just as the Mandriva company is failing -- too much of a coincidence?
Anyone else had a problem with a Mandriva installation that has recently refused to boot?
Have the Mandriva developers remotely stopped users from using Mandriva, or possibly an enemy has done this?

Daring the presenters

I dare the presenters to make a short video using only Linux tools.

Yes, and they would have to

Yes, and they would have to use a linux video recording device, such as an android/maemo phone!

Shotwell vs F-Spot

Sorry for the late comment, lads. I've just discovered the podcast and am working my way through previous episodes...

The one major feature that Shotwell has over F-Spot is that it manages videos (at least that is what the project site claims). This has been a major missing feature in F-Spot. I haven't used it yet, but I will be glad to try it out.

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