Podcast Season 2 Episode 10


Title: Japanese giant flying squirrel

In this episode: Fedora 13 is out. Google drops the Windows option for new staff and yet Windows is still doing well as a server. Discover how we fared with a minority distribution and we tout our ideas on how Linux devices can beat Apple's iPad.

What's in the show:

  • News:
  • You Dare Us:
  • Discovery of the week:
    • Mike:
      • TurboLinux 11 Server Edition was dubbed musasabi.
      • xtrlock can lock your screen without blanking it.
    • Paul:
    • Andrew:
      • Using a media player in Windows Vista is difficult shilst inebriated.
      • 'top' and 'kill' in the command-line are more effective than in the Gulf of Mexico.
    • Graham:
  • Open Ballot Hot Topic:
    • What can Linux do to beat Apple's iPad in the tablet/slate market?
  • In the Hot Seat:
    • Andrew Gregory takes a sip from the poisoned chalice.

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Presenters: Andrew Gregory, Paul Hudson, Graham Morrison and Mike Saunders

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Music by Brad Sucks.

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looking forward to

looking forward to listening. I myself am currently using a distro not in the top 100, puredyne, but I am using arch linux, best distribution ever, as my main OS so will listen later.

"You dare us" suggestion

I dare you to put £100 on England to win the World Cup and for Emile Heskey to emulate Geoff Hurst by scoring a hat trick in the final.

re. fedora replacing fspot with shotwell

at uds it was decided that ubuntu maverick 10.10 will also ship with shotwell instead of fspot

shotwell/fspot etc.

Is it just me or do Canonical chop and change the default applications too often? 9.10 saw Pidgin replaced with Empathy; 10.04 saw GIMP removed; 10.10 will see fspot replaced with Shotwell. There are also efforts to get rhythmbox replaced with banshee and firefox with chrome. I think there is a problem here with continuity. When it comes to computers, most users like what they know and do not have the time or inclination to learn how to use a new piece of software with an unfamiliar interface every six months. Apple recognise this and, although new features do get added, their ilife suite has, basically, remained the same for many years now. This is very reassuring for the typical user. On getting a new mac they will see all the same programs they have grown accustomed to once again. You don’t see Apple replacing iphoto or ichat with a totally different program, do you? I get the impression the ubuntu people are pressurised by the 6 month release cycle and so are desperately looking for things they can announce as new features for each release and the easiest way to do this is to keep altering the default program lineup. This is confusing to the average user and gives the impression of indecisiveness and a lack of direction by Canonical.
Won’t a newish not so tech savvy user, like my mum, be a bit miffed if they have only just got to grips with organising their photos with fspot and they find the new version of ubuntu has a totally different program in it’s place? It is not enough to say “but you can install fspot or whatever from the repos.” People like my mum don’t know how to install software and just want a consistent experience from one version of Ubuntu to the next. Also in schools and businesses most users do not have the permissions to install software and are forced to use the default apps.
Therefore, I suggest that changes to the default apps should only occur where there are very compelling reasons to do so, not just on a whim just to make the new release look “revolutionary” when in fact it has been thrown together in a mere 6 months.

E71 issue

For some reason your mp3 feed doesn't work on my Nokia E71's default podcast app. It's not the end of the world because I can just go to the site and download it but I thought that it was worth a mention.

I'm only half way through this my first episode but so far so good. Nice work, chaps.

@bony moronie

There are two problems with your argument. First, Ubuntu doesn't produce most of the software that is included. They may tweak a program here or there but basically they are providing you with a nice package that represents the best in free software at that time. If the best program changes from one release to the next, then so be it. It is this natural selection that powers open source development. As has been pointed out on this blog, Ubuntu was one of the first distro's to move to one app per function instead of having 15 dvd's with every free app under the sun whether they use it or not.

Apple on the other hand produces all their ilife apps, so it is easy for them to create that complete experience, but it also means you are trapped into that experience and can't really get out if you want to. Apple works very hard to make sure you don't wander far away from their ordained experience.

Second, anybody who can't figure out how to install an app from the software center probably shouldn't be using a computer in the first place. Using a computer isn't that difficult, but it does require at least some effort. I don't feel sorry for people who can't or wont make even that tiny bit of effort required. It is technology and at some point you have to draw a line where users have to cross in order to play.

If the app switching is really a problem, then use a different distro. Debian hardly ever changes anything so they shouldn't find to much problems with stability there. Besides, most businesses where people are locked out of privileges run commercial distro's like Suse and Redhat which are very reliable.

Well it looks like I can't

Well it looks like I can't listen to your podcast anytime soon. My laptop broke (screen has gone bust I think and it won't boot past BIOS).

You have the best listeners in the world...

...if one of them manages to post comments on a website from his BIOS!
And since when are you in the Tuxradar Towers? Did you move out from Microsoft Campus?

Excellent choice!

What a great decision for Google to drop the majority of Windows machines. If Google can stop using Windows then surely most other companies could.


I am sending it from a school (very laggy ms 2000) computer. I actualy can't even get into my BIOS as the keyboard locks out and just system beeps.

So sorry to disapoint guys but I am not posting this from my BIOS. If I could I would.

You dare us: Write more articles...again

I think we should have another repeat of the "write something for tuxradar" contest.

Not a single posting between podcast episodes, for shame!

The hot seat wheel

Did you really sell the hot seat wheel?

just a thought

@andrew cole

"anybody who can't figure out how to install an app from the software center probably shouldn't be using a computer in the first place"

This kind of elitist attitude is what gets Linux a bad name. It's like saying that no one should be able to drive a car unless they can put the engine in themselves. It's nonsense. Who are you to say who can and can't use a computer? - don't be such a snob.

Music Intro and Outro

Which song(s) from 'Brad Sucks' do you use in your Intro and Outro?

Thanks for the show!

"You Dare Us" suggestion:

GNU/Hurd for a fortnight.

Beetlejuice, beetlejuice, beetlejuice!

I'm wondering if Jono Bacon would appear if I said 'Ubuntu, Ubuntu, Ubuntu'?

@John_M: The intro and outro is 'Dropping out of school'

@Mrs Fabio

No, it's like saying that a person shouldn't be allowed to drive a car unless they have taken driving lessons. Installing an engine is hardly on par with installing programs with the software center. I didn't say they should be able to program, or build and install their own kernel, or anything like that. Hell, I'm not even suggesting they be able to do configure, make, make install, but reading menus and clicking is hardly complicated and is required for almost all task on a computer, so if they can't do that, then they are probably hopeless for using any other programs. The point I am trying to make is that using software center is as easy or easier than using any other program they have installed, so if they can't do that, then tell what exactly it is they are doing on the computer in the first place?

If that makes me a snob, then I guess I am a snob for expecting people who cook to know how to turn on their stoves, or people wear shoes to be able to tie their own laces. Tell me, what exactly should the minimum skill level be for using a computer? Just mashing keystrokes and expecting it to work? Developers have done a tremendous amount of work in order to make computers as accessible as possible but they can't get rid of the requirement to read menus and click on things with the mouse, as well as being able to use your brain, even just a little.

I'm elitist because I expect people to be able to read menus and work a mouse. Get over yourself.

@Andrew Cole

Your first comment was a bit harsh and could be misleading. Although I do see your point.

Really enjoying the new wheel lads...

Just wanted to let you know that I am really enjoying the Hot Seat Wheel I bought from you on eBay. It does have a few dings (as described), but it is otherwise fantastic. My only concern is that no matter what I do, I cannot get it to land on "Grub" when I spin it. I even replaced all of the sections with the enclosed "extra grub" overlays, but when I did that, I found the wheel would not spin at all.

Is this a bug?

Anyway, no worries, and I WILL leave you positive feedback...

I dare you

To use a web based OS like eyeOS for as many functions as it will allow. I know they aren't really fully featured, but many of them have text editors, email clients, calendars, web browsers (which is really just your browser), calculators and other such goodies.

Also, try not to have everybody use the same one, so there is some variety in the reviews.

Server market share.

On the MS ahead in server market share thing. I see the same problems here as with measuring desktop market share. Firstly, where was the data acquired from and secondly, does it take into account servers running CentOS/OpenSUSE alongside Red Hat & SLES boxes? I'm among those that reckon the Linux numbers have been purposefully underestimated!


OK, I will step up and ask the question that must be on most posters' minds: How exactly, does one become "verified"?

Inquiring minds want to know...

Distribution ?


From the GNUstep webside:
"GNUstep is not an operating system clone. It is not a distribution of GNU/Linux, FreeBSD or any other operating system now, nor will it be in the future. Although other people may decide to package an operating system with GNUstep as a front end. "

So what distro was it ?

Create an account

@ Prolific Penguin (not verified)

Link on the grey bar at the bottom of the screen.

YAD (Yet another dare)

I dare you to use a mouseless/mouse-averted WM for a fortnight, such as Ratpoison, ION3 or Awesome. I dared myself and actually really enjoy Ratpoison.

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