Podcast Season 1 Episode 7


Title: Setting Sun

In this episode: Ubuntu 9.04 is here and Renai LeMay says it's as slick as Mac OS X. We also get to play with the GP2X Wiz portable games console and ponder on the announcement that Oracle is going to buy Sun Microsystems. Our open ballot asks whether we should dump OpenOffice.org.

What's in the show

  • News: Ubuntu 9.04 is released and Renai LeMay thinks it's as slick as OS X. And we finally get hold of the GP2X Wiz hand-held games console.
  • Hot Topic: What effect is Oracle's acquisition of Sun Microsystems going to have on Sun's free software portfolio?
  • Discovery of the week:
  • Open Ballot: Is it time to dump the sloth-like OpenOffice.org?
  • Special offer: subscribe to Linux Format magazine and save up to to 55% - that's just $7.62 an issue!

Presenters: Andrew Gregory, Paul Hudson, Graham Morrison and Mike Saunders

Mike's 'One more thing' commands: split -b 4000M filename to split up a file; to rejoin use cat part2 >> part1

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The second line should read "Here is how to get Google Gadgets working seamlessly in plasma on Kubuntu 9.04"

The next Ubuntu?

Well, if we follow the name scheme as they are doing, it must begin with a K. That doesn't leave a lot of animals.
Kinky Kangaroo, might be somewhat obvious.
Kleptomaniac Kea. The Kea being a New Zealand parrot, when I first read about this parrot, it mentioned that they occasionally engaged in carrion eating, feasting on the corpses of dead sheep (of which there is apparently no shortage in New Zealand), which lead me to the bizarre mental image of a parrot saying, "Polly wants a sheep!"
Kaput Kakapo if it turns out to be not too good, probably would have been a good name for a KDE4.x Kubuntu release.
Keen Kestrel might not have been a bad name actually, but nowhere near whimsical enough for the Ubuntistas.

None of which is particualrly funny, but I had an odd few minutes to spare. Hmm lots of things worthy of mischief on the dictionary. I'll leave them for someone who wants some magazines. :)

@ Rhakios

Haven't listened to the podcast yet, but hasn't the next name been decided on already?

Karmic Koala I think.

Video Transcoder

I want Arista Transcoder in a KDE/Qt kind of way :) I want it to be like Perl Audio Converter with built in support in Dolphin and Konquer!


dastardly duck shunter

HaHa "Kinky Kangaroo" remind's me of "How to get a head in advertising".

mp3 and ogg

Why cripple the mp3 file by using CBR? Ogg is using VBR. Any chance of VBR V2 in the future (just use lame with the "-V 2" parameter)?

alternative ubuntu name for the UK localised version

Kettled Kestrel

Note to self...

Listen to podcast before posting in the comments section.

Alternative naming suggestions:
Kranky Komodo
Kooky Kouprey
Kool Kodiac
Katastrophic Kraken

Slightly concerned of Wiltshire

I was thinking about the merry banter you had concerning which version of Ubuntu each of you were running. I know there have been some snide comments about changing to Ubuntu Format/Radar, but I didn't realise it had got to the stage where you are all running different flavours of Ubuntu rather than different flavours of Linux. Out of interest, what *is* the current installed flavour of each of you? Surely spreading your journalistic love around other distros might:
a) Ward off the Ubuntu nay-sayers
b) Give a little more balanced perspective of the Linux eco-system?
Just a thought.

And I'd go for Komfortable Kayak. I'm not very good at animals. Or spelling.

Love, Light and Peace, Crispibits

Name for the next Ubuntu

How about (with a nod to KDE and Gnome) "Komic Knomenclature"?


Perhaps we should've mentioned: those distros are what we're using right now on our main boxes. That doesn't mean we don't use any other distros -- far from it! We've got OpenSUSE, Mandriva, PCLinuxOS, Fedora, Slackware (me!) and other distros running here at LXF/TuxRadar HQ. We explore every major distro that's released (and many obscure ones too), so rest assured we're not a one-distro-shop.

-- Mike

Klu Klux Krill


I couldn't ignore the comment about how when installing Kubuntu you're "forced to use Konqueror." Personally, I'm 'forced' to apt-get install firefox and carry on as normal.

Granted, Firefox is pretty much the standard Linux browser, but since Konqueror is KDE's browser and it's a KDE-specific distro, it's not exactly a crime to use it as the default browser.

How about

kahlua Kinkajou

And yes they are real words


I don't think you can replace Open Office with Abiword. On multiple distros on multiple computers, I found Abi would randomly decide to create an rtf file no other word processor can read, or refuse to open a rtf file another processor created. Only now and then, but consistently.

I wouldn't mind running a

I wouldn't mind running a fresh version of Krunchy Kockroach on my computer. This naming scheme, of course, would only work on the Kubuntu edition.

A man can dream...

OO et al

I often toggle between doing presentations with OpenOffice Impress and MS Powerpoint and have been quite happy. Oh, I should mention I am running OO on WinXP.

Ubuntu name

I know my post is massively out of date but for naming the next Ubuntu release how about

Sexy Shuttleworth?

Sorry had to be said ;-)


You don't need switch in python. If you really need to use switch like experience you can do the following:

C ::

case 1:
do_somin(); break;
case 2:
do_somin_else(); break;


<pre lang=python>
1: lambda : do_somin(),
2: lambda : do_somin_else(),

PS. Why isn't there code support :(

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