Podcast Season 1 Episode 5

Title: Space Shuttle

Guest presenter: Mark Shuttleworth

In this episode: We celebrate the release of Gnome 2.26 and talk about the Chromium browser. Could the Linux community have done more to capitalise on the weak take-up of Windows Vista, and how can we prepare ourselves for Windows 7? And is it a good thing to have two competing desktop environments?

What's in the show

  • News: Gnome 2.26 is released, and we give Chromium a go (though we know we shouldn't).
  • Hot Topic: Could we have done more to capitalise on the slow take-up of Vista? And how do we prepare for the release of Windows 7?
  • Discovery of the week:
  • Open Ballot: Is it a good thing for Linux to have two competing desktop environments (KDE and Gnome), or does it just serve to confuse newbies and duplicate effort?
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Presenters: Andrew Gregory, Paul Hudson, Graham Morrison, Mike Saunders, Mark Shuttleworth

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Your comments

Why high quality ogg?

I haven't listen to it yet but I think for a normal podcast, low bitrate ogg is enough :|

Click~Bip, Bip, Beeep!

The next time you have a photographer in on a recording of the podcast, can you please wire up their delicate bits to a 30kV PSU. Then, should they use their camera in anything but silent mode, switch on the PSU.

I found this such a distraction I wasn't listening to your pearls of wisdom but to the Click~Bip, Bip, Beeeps. So much so, I noticed one shot where, I assume, the flash didn't work, as there was a Click, but no following Bip, Bip, Beeep! I was then on the edge of my seat, (if you can do that whist walking the dog), until there was another Click~Bip, Bip, Beeep! (Well the camera may have broken.)

You wouldn't get this on the BBC you know. You must keep your standards up, especially if you are recording in Ogg.

I wonder that myself?

Why a "high quality Ogg Vorbis (40MB)" when it should really be a high quality low MB Ogg Vorbis file

possible reason for higher quality ogg file

given a choice btw an ogg and an mp3 file, i would assume most people will go with an mp3 one even for a FOSS podcast.

i would assume the ogg version is of higher quality to give people an incentive to try out ogg files or to favor them over an mp3 one.

No more Cameras!!!

Please don't have cameras at any more podcasts! I love the podcast, but the incessant clicking whenever Mark Shuttleworth spoke began to drive me insane!!

Correcting Ray Woods comment

It's actually Click-Clack beeeep! But he is correct about how annoying it is. In fact about click-clack-beeep half way through I got so annoyed by this that I click-clack-beeep turned it off. I'm really glad I downloaded the 40 meg click-clack-beeep ogg version of the podcast. The click-clack-beeep came through so much better. I guess this is what they click-clack-beeep call a learning experience. I really can't blame the click-clack-beeep podcasters though, after all if I had a podcast click-clack-beeep and Mark was my guest I would get lots of pictures click-clack-beeep too. I just discovered this click-clack-beeep podcast on the Linux Link.net website. I never heard of click-clack-beeep your magazine. Is it click-clack-beeep available in the US? Thanks, and click-clack-beeep keep up the good click-clack-beeep work!

What the hell is that noise?

I have to agree with the others here - no more cameras! How many photos can you possibly need? I too found myself concentrating on the Click~Bip, Bip, Beeeps to such an extent that I heard one where the flash didn't fire!

I'm not going to get anything out of this show at all because it is so frustrating! I hope that the camera man is ousted for the next show, otherwise I see little point in listening. Shame because the previous shows have been very informative.

Sound like you need

A linux equivalent of DART (Digital Audio Restoration Tech?) - which takes the crackling out of records... Maybe you could fingerprint the camera and remove it?

Flashy Podcast

The comment by Anonymous Penguin about my interpretation of the sound of the camera firing forgot the series of bleeps after the camera shutter sound. Can we agree on Click-Clack-Bip, Bip, Beeep then?

I'm glad I'm not the only one to find this a problem.

Only the torrent link works

Can't seem to get the direct download.I missed a few of the casts and now can't get them :(

Enjoy the Choice :)

If only..

Good show guys, I enjoyed it! :)
But I have to say, the camera noises were beginning to drive me nuts! Every time someone started talking I was waiting for the click-beeps. Anyway, a lot of people have already mentionned the same thing, so I won't add any more of this. Arrrh what the hell, click-click-beeep! :)
I'm glad Shuttleworth defended KDE. I'm a KDE 4.2 user, and I can't believe how much grief we're getting from fellow Linux users, just because we use a different desktop env. Is it a good thing to have competition? Sure it is! Should we play nice with each other? Yes please! Remember: it's all about choice.

Maybe a bit random? But...

Could we have some "Album Artwork" for our LXF podcasts?

I'd like to see a cool LXF logo in my album artwork box.
C'mon Graham, your the muso. What do you reckon?

RSS Feed

Would it be possible to have a RSS Feed only for the audio podcasts?
Currently the only feed I find in your site contains everything and doesn't allow me to subscribe using ipodder :-(
Keep up the good work. Your podcast is very good guys!!

ahh, rehashing old flamewars....

Ive done about 100-150 conversions in the past few years counting the LUG stuff of course.
Family/friends wise, I've done about 30-40.

So I think Im pretty knowledgeable how newbies perceive Gnu-Linux.

And the one thing I use to do before was give people a choice of Live CD's. I dont anymore for two reasons.
A)WIndows users will go for the KDE desktop 80% of the time because it looks like something they used before

B) Put most newbies (and others too) in front of Mandriva 2009, Kubuntu and some other distro running KDE4.2 and they CAN NOT tell them apart. So many times I heard people tell me "Arent those two CD's exactly the same?"
Hell, I have both Ubuntu and Mandriva2009 running at home for the kids and I cant tell them apart sometimes (the DE not the kids)

XCFE of course is a must for old hardware so its not two but three desktops plus all the other grreat ones like E17 which I really like.

I use KDE3 and 4, XCFE Gnome, E17, WinXP, Vista and OS10 during a work week so desktops are not a problem (I make my taskbars disappear everywhere and use the same wallpaper of the kids on most). If I had to use one over the other for a year at work, I could care less.
But the elegance of KDE4 is undeniable.
PCLinuxOS2007 was my distro of choice for a while for friends and family and Ive moved to Mandriva2009 KDE4.2, which is the original user-friendly distro.
4.2 was the first one taht I thought was ready for mom and dad, I will probably switch by 4.3.

Choice is a must. This disease of having only one desktop is more due to peer pressure from the proprietary fans who get flustered if they have choice.

Personally, the fact that GNOME has incorporated Mono so deeply into the desktop is a reason I will never use it. Its not a bad DE but I think that whistling by the graveyard is foolhardy when a real risk lies in using MS patented technology (Hey FAT!). Mono is NOT Samba. Jeremy Allison, Glyn Moody and a few others have written why.

As for others, I have a sister-in-law who bought a Dell Mini w/ Ubuntu because I dont do free tech support for windows (which 95% of the time is malware related).
When she came to my house a week later, she had tears in her eyes and said she hated it (which was weird since we lent her an old laptop with Linux for a few weeks).
She said it looked old and depressing like an old Win 95 and she wanted the one we had lent her (which is our son's laptop now).
It was the desktop.

Now, a power user will not have troubles with the annoying mac style top taskbar with the constant text above (Applications, etc) and were even used to the GTK look of the desktop but for someone who uses 'the internet' as her computing experience, it is daunting.

Is one better than the other? Question of taste.
Is one suffering from Mac envy while the other suffers from Windows envy? There are only so many desktop paradigms
Its a question of taste.
I like vanilla, you like chocolate. Which one is better?

And since I care about making the switch to Gnu-Linux as painless as possible I will make the transition easier by giving Windows users (who are still 90% of the market) what they know.
Linux can be what YOU want it to be, not what someone else tells you you want it to be.

In the long run, choice is good. And if one of the desktops chooses a dangerous path led by people at Novell/Gnome/Mono who has serious Microsoft envy, its good to have this choice.

Besides, desktop choices are really all that matters.
The choice should be do you want the one that looks like Mac, the one that looks like Windows or the one that runs on old hardware.

Kubuntu is much closer to Mandriva than it is to Ubuntu.
Its the desktop.

That's the real choice.

Whether you like Debian/Ubuntu/Mint is a much smaller difference.

And no, cutting choices of distros is not an option.
For one simple reason, you cant.
People work on what the want/love.
Its their CHOICE.

Enjoyed this one too. Even

Enjoyed this one too. Even bought a copy of LXF - alhtough then left it in a Travelodge :-(

The bleeps were really bad though - I drove for 30 minutes thinking my laptop had switched itself on !!

No more camera sounds

If you use a camera on the show. Use on that you can turn of the sound. The constant click click piep made it really unpleasant to listen to.

rss not working

I set up banshee to subscribe to your podcast rss feed. The first 4 episodes show up, but the 5th does not. What gives?

intro music

who plays the introduction theme?

Click-Clack-Bip, Bip, Beeep

Hey this is your old pal, Teddy here. You know, the Motor City Madman. Wango-de-Tango 1.. 2.. 3.. 4..

Anyhow, I really hate it when someone makes any kind of noise when I'm doing my solos. So when I hear all this racket as my african-brother Mark is talking, I'm like ..
who the hell is it making noises over the man's solo and
why isn't someone doing something about it.

Well ole Ted here has some suggestions in dealing with this sort of thing that maybe some people have issues but it
involves cat urine instead of water.

ah...1...2...3...4 dum di dum di du du dum di dum..

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