Podcast Season 1 Episode 23


Title: Chromium Carousal

In this episode: The Linux version of Google's Chrome browser is now officially in beta and Linux netbook share appears to be growing. Nokia releases Qt 4.6 and we ask whether Linux documentation could be improved and is Google's Chrome operating system a good thing?

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Presenters: Andrew Gregory, Paul Hudson, Graham Morrison and Mike Saunders

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blog title would go here if I had one

I'm going to quote your own article for you, from the Chrome OS Zero or Hero description.

"Add your comment below, preferably answering either "Yes, Google has the right idea" or "No, I need more than just a browser" plus some sort of explanation/wit/assorted cleverness, along with a username that isn't Anonymous Penguin, and we'll read the best out when we record the podcast."

No kidding! You TOLD US to say yes or no for your question, and you still tell us we did it wrong! Bloody hell, you guys are hard to please!

Additionally, you guys exaggerate how slow Firefox is. I'm running it with two extentions (that block Flash and ads) and it runs butter smooth and fast. Maybe that extra rendering of the UK Threat Level meter is slowing your browser down?

Chrome is a nice browser, I agree. I just don't have a reason to migrate off of Firefox.

Yet, a good podcast in the end. I suffered through my installation of 64-bit Fedora 12 and the new podcast was a good reward (even though I'm probably going back to 32-bit because everything crashes so badly). So cheers!

Stupid movie trivia.

First V. The original was a made for TV movie shown in two parts. it was about aliens who looked like they came in peace, the initial question was:"Are they really benefactors?", As the movie went on we learned that they were not. The movie ended with a burgeoning resistance movie.

Many people were not happy with the inconclusive ending so they made a sequel movie, which launched a television series. The original movie was actually quite good, acting as a metaphor for the "Nazisation" of Europe. The follow ups were just total crap. ( The bird eating stuff was in the followups ). The series didn't last a year.

Later V was resurrected as the TV series "Earth Final: Conflict". The show was really quite good for 3/4s of the first season. Then the network executives the PHBs of TV stuck their fingers in and made it total crap.

This year they decided to resurrect the show once again as V. This time they wanted to save time and went to total crap immediately.

As for Bladerunner, in the original movie, whether Deckard is a replicant or not is left ambiguous but with strong innuendo that hew is not. However when Ridley Scott created the "Directors Cut" he changed the ending to say that Deckard was a replicant. My understanding is that there have been great battlesd about this in Hollyhwood. I believe the offical present ending is that he is not a replicant.


I call her Suzie


It's funny that you guys mentioned V as I just found out what it was when the show started to air here in the states on ABC, and now I am hooked on it.


Well I call it sussie with an emphasis on the suss, never used it though, figured our boy marky was on the right path with ubuntu, and linux documentation doesn't exist infact I think this is more of an OSS problem, (propaganda)> ubuntu and canonical should scrap out crappy bits of software g this and k this doesn't help anyone lets have some genuine ubuntu apps browser and the like then I wont be forced to use so many google products, hell we need a company like google to step on microsoft toes they seem to strike out of nowhere and thats good for a better software community. One way or another goliath will come down, and its better you the guy that helped david or atleast friends with him. Who buys netbooks anyway? Whats stopping companies or individuals to innovate? google does just that and they also do a good job remixing, lets do the same or use their stuff and get on with it. why would someone actually need a netbook, what? A tiny Laptop or a giant cell phone? I would think for the price of a netbook one can actually buy either a laptop or a great cellphone and live to tell about it.

Took you a whole year but you got there

I remember commenting on your first podcast, complaining how restrained you were. A bit of irreverence is what you were missing.

Gentlemen, you have arrived.

Man pages

You canh't figure out the info interface? What kind of dufus are you? The info interface is just emacs! You ... you ... you ... vi user!

The internet is the best man page!

I still use the occasional man page here and there, but usually only when I am offline and don't have a choice. Not only do you need to know the name of the program, but as you guys have mentioned, most man pages are oddly missing examples for common tasks related to the program.

Sure, just type "--xyzfhrpsoml /foo/bar/etc/balls || > < / crash" and you can get deluxe verbose mode with kitten sound emulated on the internal speaker!

yes yes, but how do I open a pdf file?

An exaggeration to be sure, but I think I am getting my point across.

Plus you can search Google for things like, "make a cd image" to find the tools and commands you need. Going back to needing to know the program name. You can't type "man make a cd image" and expect a result.

Well you could, but that would just be silly.

Another note about the Chrome beta

Since the beta is available I decided to give chrome a try and there is one thing I don't understand. The spell checking doesn't seem to actually use Google. It would be nice if it actually queried Google (with the option of turning it off obviously) when you type a word that isn't in the dictionary. Google search is the best spell checker on earth, and I would to have that available while I am typing. It feels strange to type a word the dictionary can't recognize and then goto Google to get the right spelling, isn't there some way to automate this?

Pydoc ** Use Sphinx

Sphinx is what is used for pydoc from Python 2.6 + it looks really nice and has search features.

Apropos, guys

You *can* type "apropos make cd image", and you may get a result that's not entirely silly. The purists would probably insist on something like:
man -k cd image

Actually man pages follow a semi-standard format, but yes they can occasionally be /terse/. Info has to a large extent taken the place of man, but was I shocked to find on my last mandriva install, that info wasn't installed ... huh? Exsqueeze me? No info command? well, apparantly not, but you can get "man man" which brought a nostalgic tear to my eye.

I pronounce SUSE as "sioux sah". :)

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