Podcast Season 1 Episode 20


Title: Manky Monkey

In this episode: Ubuntu 9.10 has been released! To celebrate, we talk about what's new and what's old, review a version of Ubuntu each, discuss what we love and loathe and set our minds on the future with Lucid Lynx. Koala Ho!

What's in the show

  • News: Canonical has released Ubuntu 9.10, the Karmic Koala. We discuss the new features hidden behind its crisp honeycomb exterior.
  • Hot Topic: We each review a version of Ubuntu. Mike looks at Xubuntu, Graham at Kubuntu, Andrew at the original and Paul at the UNR and Moblin editions.
  • Discovery of the week: What we each love and loath in Karmic.
  • Closed Ballot: How would we improve things for the next release, Lucid Lynx?
  • Special offer: subscribe to Linux Format magazine and save up to to 55% - that's just $7.62 an issue!

Presenters: Andrew Gregory, Paul Hudson, Graham Morrison and Mike Saunders

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If you read the Distrowatch weekly (which you should) you'd know what devoting the entire show to Ubuntu will cause.

In before outrage.

This episode marks a year

This episode marks a year since i left ubuntu in disgust after upgrading to 8.10,

Come on guys...

I don't use Ubuntu, even though I am going to try Kubuntu 9.10, but it is the leading distro with the general public and a new release just came out. Dedicating 2 episodes a year out of 24 to the best shot we have even if we don't use it is not unreasonable.

I am glad they did the review, although last time I think they applauded themselves on waiting a couple weeks?

Wouldn't youtube videos of the various themes be great?

Since you guys are talking about them in podcsts and all, it would be nice to see screencasts of the bootup screens, themes, and general usage.

That's hint to the readers too.

Sigh: Depressed because I have to wait a couple weeks for Mint.

Meta Mollusk

Meta Mollusk ownes the monkey ;)

Where is Richard Gabriel?

Is he taking Canonical or something.

10 points to the person that gets the joke.

Extensions I use. Aardvark but I use it on Windows with PDFCreator ( PDFCreator takes whatever you are printing and stores it in a PDF file. ).
Whatever version, of the latest addon to allow me to save embedded videos.
Most important is Session Manager which I could not live without, since much documentation is online.


It should read
Is he (Richard Gabriel ) taking over Canonical...


The first comment is spot-on. Ubuntu haters inbound!

Apparently the most popular Linux distro isn't allowed to have stories written about it in Distrowatch. "Ubuntuwatch!" they cry, as if any mention of the distro will tear their soul to pieces (even though they very rarely do a main story just on Ubuntu - maybe once every few months). Tux Radar, your podcast is the same way! Or should I say, "Ubuntu Radar!" Haha, didn't see that one coming, didja?!

I'm having problems downloading the podcast. When I am forced to suffer through Windows Vista and use iTunes, it's always been irksome, but even a regular Firefox download is having issues. Quite a busy Thursday, I assume?

ubuntu name ideas posted here?

This is where we get to win the prize, right? Well here were a few ideas after just listening to the podcast:

Mammoth Mammoth
Mister Moose
Magic Maggot
Morbid Moray
Muon Moufflon
Milky Milksnake
Mighty Mite
Meaty Meekat
Muscly Mustang
Martyred Marmot
Master Mastadon (too bad the first word one can only be two syllables on that one, eh?)

Few more

Magic Mushroom
Mo Moorhen
Mo Mole

from IRC

In #ubuntu-release-party I suggested:
Marvellous/Magnificent Man (For Human Beings?)
Or minx... Or mockingbird... Or Manta. Or millipede.
Or Marsupial (as in, Koala, but more! Clever, huh...)

Minging molerat?

Sounds quite smelly.


Great podcast guys, am planning to upgrade soon.

As for names, how about:

Morose Mongoose
Multicoloured Macaw
Minxy Mink
Murky Manatee
Mummy Moorhen
Madness Man


I think Paul was using the wrong program. The new Software Store is a lot better than he says, and really, really awesome. So much better than Add/Remove.

So, yeah. Full of it.


Mystic mongoose?


I should really listen to the end of the program before I comment, but.

You want your desktop to excite you? Really?

I'd prefer "working" to "exciting," personally.


May I suggest "Malicious Mudpuppy" for 10.10?

This suggests an aggressive competitor up against the likes of Microsoft and Apple, whilst remaining cuddly (and, erm muddy) like a puppy-themed brown Ubuntu desktop.

Re: Also / Re: Ubuntunbutububutu

>I think Paul was using the wrong program. The new Software Store is a lot better than he says

The new software store couldn't possibly be better than apt-get/aptitude/dpkg and /etc/sources.lst

>May I suggest "Malicious Mudpuppy" for 10.10

That's good, except the first word can only two syllables Mega Mudpuppy? Or if boot time increases: the Moping Mudpuppy . . . Muddy Mudpuppy might sound a bit like Woody Woodpecker . . . or with Muppet Mudpuppy, tcanonical could market mudpuppy handpuppets.

Pulseaudio Controls

Fedora 12 has all the volume/device control you have requested in the podcast under gnome (at least) I haven't had a look at the KDE desktop.

Ubuntu 10.10 name

The first word doesn't have to be 2 syllables - we had "intrepid ibex" and "intrepid" is 3 syllables so how about "masturbating minger"?

Maritime Meerkat



Mid-engined Mollusc?

The well balanced, if slightly oversteering in the wet member of the shellfish family.

Magnificent Mollusc

And roll on Mint 8!

Then may be...

Minty Mollusc


>The new software store couldn't possibly be better than apt-get/aptitude/dpkg and /etc/sources.lst

Did I say that? No? Then why are you saying this in response to my comment?

I like "Meh"

Been using Slackware since 8.0 and I've learned quite a bit about installing, configuring and maintaining a Linux-based OS. More important than anything else I've learned is that I'd rather not do it anymore.
I do keep one older machine running Slack, but the others are now running Ubuntu and friends.

Regarding the software center. While it is aesthetically lacking, it answers one of the larger complaints from recent converts. Click on the category, find your app, click install. No apt-get install, no wading through thousands of packages in Synaptic. No looking at all of the dependencies asking yourself "What is all this stuff?" and "Is this something I really want to do?"
I agree the looks are dreadful. But it's new and I expect it to get better. And, I don't have to use it.
I still prefer Synaptic but the software center is a good addition for new users.

>>I'd prefer "working" to "exciting," personally.

Precisely. I don't edit video, graphics or audio, I'm not a gamer and I don't crunch code. I have no need to spend massive amounts of money buying power-sucking heat generators. I tend to buy low power hardware. Therefore, I prefer to devote system resources to actual productivity.
I rather like "meh" when it comes to OS's.

Aptitude downloads in parallel

Do not do that download script thing you mentioned, it makes me cry. Try aptitude, it downloads things somewhat in parallel.

New name for ubuntu 10.04

Malicious Mandrill
Marvelous Mice
Miracle Monkey
Manly Men
Massive Mosquito
Morphing Moth (yes, because of the change)

And my two favorites!!

Mini Mink
Messianic Mule

munificent Mooncalf



one thing I have tested was the fact you can use skype AND other audio. In previous versions (even 9.04) you could use skype OR another audio piece of software. in 9.10 you can use both.

More MM musing

Miserable Manx Cat

Moody Monkfish

Marmite Magpie

The first one would actually be quite fitting since the Isle of Man flag is not dissimilar to the Ubuntu logo.


Magic Meerkat

Nice ep.!

Excellent episode as always. Enjoyed it very much!

MM 10.10

Marijuana-smoking Mong


Mad Mark (Shuttleworth)


Magnanimous Maggot


Mancunian Midget


Mental Millipede


Monstermunch Muncher


Machiavellian Muskrat


Montmartre Mistress


monogamous m-theorist


mono-hating marauder


Mozillaarefinishedbecausegeckoisdeadaccordingto Mikesaunders


Mrstallmanisforcedatgunpointtouse Mono


Microsoft-slaying Maestro


Microsoft-slaying Messiah


Microsoft-castrating Messiah


Mac-mutilating Midfield-dynamo


Mrsteveballmer's Mostdreadednightmare

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