Podcast Season 1 Episode 19


Title: A Hero's Welcome

In this episode: Linux is reported to be safer for online banking and international stock exchanges than Microsoft Windows, we reveal our personal geek heroes and our Open Ballot asks whether we should embrace Microsoft's open source work.

What's in the show

Presenters: Andrew Gregory, Paul Hudson, Graham Morrison and Mike Saunders

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Kernels are not

Kernels are not binary-compatible (AFAIK), so it can't be pluggable.

Re: Kernels are not

I believe FreeBSD has a binary compatibility layer with Linux binaries :)

Boycott "boycott Novell"?

Is Boycott Novell still going then? Blimey. Not sure what to make of the site hugely, but does raise some thinking points (such as sexism and the schism between Open Source/Free Software).

As for the reasons behind the original site, eh... can't say I trust Microsoft nor am I happy with Novell making the original deal, but the sky hasn't fallen in (even taking the .NET/Mono stuff into consideration).

I love the radio jingles,

I love the radio jingles, are they here to stay? And can't you just go with "discovery of the show". I suppose then you'ld have to find a way to describe how often the shows come out.

The radio jingles?

I dunno didn't family guy do a bit like that once?

Screw it just be yourselves guys, don't try to impress us.

Unless it's a joke, then it's clearly gone over my head. Is a joke right?

Is that beer glass offer valid in the U.S

and what about the coffee cup offer? If it is a matter of shipping I would be willing to pay extra, I would love to get a shirt/mug/glass combo, maybe you guys should just open a store?

Glad to see you guys agree about accepting Microsoft's code.

I'm glad to see that you guys understand that having code Open Source means that we must consider code from Microsoft based on its qualities, and not its origin.

Hi guys, glad the podcast

Hi guys, glad the podcast quality keeps on improving, just wish you'd ditch that horrible music. Silence would be preferable.

You should teach the OSNews guys how to do it, because they seem clueless.

Oh yeah, and where would an

Oh yeah, and where would an Australian go to subscribe?

Password protect your bios.

Even if you use a liveCD, if the malware flashes the bios, and modifies it so that it bootstraps from your Win hard drive a little program which simulates the liveCD ( I won't say how ) but with modified code. It take someone very technical minded and determined, but that's what these malware writers are.

BubbaT... what?

As far as I've heard, bios rootkits have at best being theoretical. The only examples being academic. With the exception of Chernobyl virus, which by the way only targeted a specific MoBo. Also, I could be wrong here, but im pretty sure that when you flash the bios, the "flash" errases all of the bios, A virus would really have to be specifically targeted. Now adays this is beyond not practical.

Assuming this attack was performed.
More likely it would act like a hipervisor virus and log keystrokes, (a much more likely attack, which If im not mistaken, LiveCD's are also immune too, as the hard disk is never read when booting the CD, no malicious code can execute in the hypervisor attack scenario.)

Also seriously I don't like the radio jingles. Seriously


Relax, folks: regular listeners will know that every episode kicks off with a different "Contrary to popular wishes" intro, and this one was "Contrary to popular wishes we haven't given up our day jobs to record radio jingles" - hence the use of radio jingles in the podcast.

Similarly to how we used a variety of music back in episode 12, it's a one off just for fun. We have something special planned for next time, although it might generate complaints - believe us, though, we really tried :)

I liked the jingles!

Still gestating...


So glad to hear that the London Stock Exchange is saving money by using Linux instead of MS crapware. Maybe share trading will get cheaper?

beer glass

It's a pity that existing subscribers cannot get the beer glass. Or maybe I should cancel my sub and then start a new subscription?

What he said

Totally agree about the beer glass.
I want one, I already subscribe, therefore I can't have one!

Also, was someone using a marker pen on a flipchart during the podcast?

Good, informative show as usual, guys.
Can I buy a beer glass please?

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