Podcast Season 1 Episode 18


Title: Linux Convicts

In this episode: We talk about the recent Linux conferences we've attended, the final versions of both Moblin 2.0 and Gnome 2.28 and discuss whether Linux is bloated. Our Open Ballot asks 'Are distro release cycles too short?' and Andrew finds a surprisingly practical 'Discovery of the Fortnight'.

What's in the show

Presenters: Andrew Gregory, Paul Hudson, Graham Morrison and Mike Saunders

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Re: grep color vs colour

We've just checked, and '--colour' works the same as '--color'!

ASCII Art and Recursion

That's an awesome find! I will now spend my free time finding other google search's!!

Recursion's just funny.


Would love to see a writeup on Moblin in the magazine. I'm thinking of getting a netbook and I'm struggling to decide what I want to install on it :P

Great, entertaining podcast,

Great, entertaining podcast, as always.

I have not used moblin, but from screenshots and videos it looks like "Linpus lite improved". In my opinion nothing can beat the standard desktop (does not matter KDE, GNOME, Xfce or LXDE) even on 9 inch screen.

I suppose this question was asked before number of times but still... What is the music used in podcast?


Windows 7 is about 8 GB unpacked without any software.


Forgot to mention the link is an interesting talk on the subject.

Title music

Anon P., the music is “Dropping Out of School” by Brad Sucks, which I only discovered by coincidence. You'd think they'd mention it. It's on Jamendo.com under a CC licence.

Why do all my comments here seem to be about music, rather than, you know... that computerey thing with the penguin?


That's what I get for being all sarky. Egg on my face. Still, anyone who only goes through the RSS feed probably hasn't seen the main page, so I thought it was worth posting.

good episode

Another great episode guys.

As good as WebKit is...

...I have been using Seamonkey 2 Beta 3 exclusively for this past week and it's very fast. It is faster than FF 3.5 IMO, light weight, and loads up webpages quickly. Oh and it seems to not load .NET pages well (especially Skydrive from MS) which is another plus. ;)

Do you check the Open Ballots after your podcast.

Seems someone added a comment to the last one about distros.

Reverse debugging on Mono?

Can mono do reverse debugging? In the talk I mentioned, Bill Lewis created a package which does reverse debugging for Java.
If it can be done for Java it shouldn't be much harder to do it for Mono.

Perhaps someone who knows someone in Mono development might suggest it to them?

An ever improving podcast

The podcasts sound quality was much better this episode. I normally listen on my commute and am often forced to press the buds into my ear to hear some parts, but this was much better.

Better still was the quality of the episode itself. An episode that focused more on the state of the community and its fruits rather than the latest gimmick (looking at you Chrome OS), was just what the doctor ordered.

Thank you very much, keep up the good work.


Two more things (my own discovery of the fortnight!)

-You can set up automatic updates in Software Sources in Ubuntu's Administration menu. Just click and it downloads the updates behind the scenes however often you set it to.

-Ubuntu 9.10's beta is great. Kernel 2.6.31's changes are noticeable. The artwork is polished (for once). Could the big brown monster actually pull something off?


I've been using Epiphany for quite some time as Firefox always seems to have crucial performance issues - even on a dual core with 5GB of memory.

It isn't perfect of course, it needs more extensions to be really useful (it has adblock, which is good). I hope that after the WebKit switch is complete, that there will be some effort towards creating and promoting an Epiphany extensions site.

Swap 5GB for 4GB...

Swap 5GB for 4GB...

Kubuntu Netbook Edition

I would enjoy listening to your review of the buggy, i mean excellent Karmic Kubuntu Ketbook Kedition.

Gecko Vs. WebKit

I was just wandering what's with the general (not specifically aimed at the conversation in the podcast) Gecko hate, or rather WebKit love? It certainly appeared to me that Gecko used to be the hot property.

Nothing wrong with Gecko but..

It still runs pretty fast and is a nice engine, but webkit has a lot of development support and has pulled out in terms of performance.

That's what it is all about though, like evolution, everybody gets a chance, and you pick the winners. Gecko could come back and surprise us in 6 months, or not.

For Mike

Here some more cli marvels, for ksh and bash not tried any other shells

'cd' returns you to home same as cd ~
'cd -' returns you your previous location - both without the '

First Time Listener

I just heard the podcast for the first time. And, after an adjustment period to allow for English accent variants (about 5 minutes) - I found that I really like this show. :-) Probably the best Linux podcast that I've heard to date! Thanks guys for a good show! Very informative and some good laughs thrown in for free. Awesome. As they say in the marketing materials, "Compare to ..." and you'll find THIS Linux Podcast Better!

Multiple laptop batteries / bloat

I second YaPH(nv)'s comment above - this is definitely the best Linux podcast I listen to, and this episode was no exception. Admittedly it's the only Linux podcast I've ever listened to, but still, good job guys.

Given the comment about Gnome's multi-battery support (and that it's gnot the gnewest idea on the gnet), along with the whole "bloat" thing, how about an Open Ballot on support for old hardware?

Konqueror and webkit

You realise you just need to install one package to switch konqueror to webkit? You even get a nice menu option for it!


Jockey can fetch drivers you need from the web, though it doesn't always work.

Mint does grep --colour by

Mint does grep --colour by default

Suggested Topic For Future Podcast - Linux Boot Codes

Good morning from Dorset,

Knoppix (a Debian derivative) has a comprehensive list of boot codes (eg: quiet; noacpi; dma=off; psmouse.proto=imps; etc) which can be appended to /boot/grub/menu.lst.

I'm puzzled to discover that no similar list seems to exist for Debian Lenny.

Is there such a list for Lenny? Are these boot codes associated with a particular distro, or are they associated with a particular kernel?

Better late than never with a comment

Got hooked on your show starting with season 2. Certainly the best Linux podcast around. Keep it up.

I have been listening to season 1 shows the last few days and wanted to thank you all for the Portland / Powell's Books shout-out from episode 18. Even though I live in NW Montana now, I have always enjoyed visiting Portland.

Anyway, thanks for a very entertaining and informative show. Oh, and I love the magazine too.

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