Podcast Season 1 Episode 15


Title: PodKastigation

In this episode: There was a hole in the kernel for eight years. Dell announces that its Linux netbook returns are a non-issue and we look at Ubuntu One. We report on our two weeks with the KDE desktop and our open ballot asks whether open source licences should be viral.

What's in the show

Presenters: Andrew Gregory, Paul Hudson, Graham Morrison and Mike Saunders

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Your comments

Not sure this helps, but it was going round my head while...

you were discussing your Adventures with KDE

KDE is it too late to say I'm sorry?
And KDE could we get it together again?
I just cant go on pretending that it came to a natural end

KDE, oh I never thought Id miss you
And KDE I thought that we'd always be friends
We said our love would last forever
So how did it come to this bitter end?


Mike's KDE glitch issues sound like Intel driver regression issues.

KDE for me

I don't understand why people judge KDE based solely on it's latest releases? I use KDE 4.2 on my desktop where I do most of my programming and whatnot, and KDE 3.5 on my laptop. I like both so I use both.

People may prefer gnome to kde when it comes to the 4.x series, but 3.5 is a rock solid awesome desktop environment that shouldn't be overlooked just because it isn't the newest. If you don't need fancy 3d effects and widgets and whatnots you'll find kde 3.5 great for everyday use.


Can't here everyone clearly, speak up!


Not enough if you ask me!

Great podcast

I really enjoyed it ^_^ Your next "task" should be to spend a week with a tiling window manager like xmonad or awesome. Either that or Openbox.

By the way, I really miss having the chance to put my thoughts forward for the open ballot. You should bring them back and just ignore the complainers ^_^

I'm feeling lucky

Doesn't just typing your search terms into the address bar and hitting enter take you to the first Google result, as does "I'm feeling lucky"?

Great podcast

That was one of the best podcasts, keep it up, guys! Very funny stuff. :)

Ubuntu One Hint

If you right click on the ubuntuone applet and click on open folder, then it opens a nautilus window. Not a web browser in sight!

I'm glad KDE was dismissed.

I'm glad KDE was dismissed. Every time I've used it, be it 3.5 or 4, it just never feels right to me and I end up going back to Gnome or XFCE. I thought maybe it was just me, but now I realise that Gnome is just more betterer.

People complain about laughing?

Give me their names and addresses and I'll give them something to complain about.

Get a life, bitchers.

Let the complainers sit in their little computer rooms making their bosses rich and their co-workers enemies. I'd be grouchy too doing such boring work. I'd much rather listen to your laughter and learn something in the process.

Keep up the good work!


since i was the first one to comment on the laughing thing, i just like to point out that NOBODY asked you to STOP laughing... just to do a little POST PRODUCTION on the podcast so your laughs aren't coming out so much LOUDER than the rest of the podcast!

as a LXF subscriber for over 5 yrs i thought i had the right to point out how imho you could improve your podcast. sorry it won't happen again.

now i'm going back to my little computer room making my boss rich and my co-workers enemies.


Everyone has the right to provide feedback, LXF subscriber or not. On the podcast we joked about it because we know something no one else does: folks suggesting we try passing the podcast through Audacity didn't realise that Graham Morrison, our in-house sound wizard, already spends six to eight hours editing every podcast in his home studio before putting it live - he spends a huge amount of time compressing the audio to remove loud noises, adjusting the equalisation and removing parts that aren't good enough for the final production.

We went over the waveforms of previous podcasts to try to spot extra-loud areas, and really they are very few and far between. In this podcast he has added extra compression to reduce that even further, but the downside to that is that compression also boosts quieter sounds, making the air conditioning hum a bit more noticeable.

Could we do more to improve the audio further? Perhaps, but it starts becoming uneconomical - it's already a full day of someone's time every two weeks being contributed to something that makes us $0!

Laughter, clarity and all that

Laughter will tend to come out loud, because people usually laugh louder than they talk. However, the broadcast as a whole is never less than clearly audible (to me anyway). The laughing certainly doesn't run over the important bits of speech.

The only reason I can imagine for wanting less of it, is if one is listening to the podcast where one shouldn't be and the sound of laughter might lead others to realise one is not actually working.

Missing the point of Ubuntu One

The whole point of ubuntu one is it's an a special folder in your Home folder that syncs with the 'cloud'. I acts like any other folder on your machine, however if you have ubuntu one installed on multiple machines the folder will sync between all of them automagically. The web interface is nice if your not on a linux pc and need access to a file.

Love the podcast!

Keep up the good work.

I like your POD Cast Fellows... good work. Much more entertaining than a lot of linux pod casts out there.. the laughter is pure English, so people can get over that.

Nice work guys.

I second that emotion

Another good podcast, guys. Combined with LXF, this is my number 1 source for Linux goodness.

Personally, I've always thought the sound quality is top class. However, people who give criticism - even if that criticism doesn't seem accurate - are only doing so because they enjoy the podcast.

Perhaps you should have that "cowsay" thing offer random motivational slogans to keep you going during your CLI only challenge.

On the subject of laughing

The imbalance of the podcast audio is something I've been meaning to comment on for quite some time.

Part of the problem that I have when listening to the podcast is that, because I listen in the car, I have to turn the podcast up quite high.

I would like to suggest that rather than (or as well as) looking at the peaks of the production, also look at the troughs. Sometimes you guys are so quiet that you have to strain to hear (or turn the volume up) and then you laugh and blow my speakers (and eardrums) to pieces.

Is it possible to compress the vocal audio /during/ recording, rather than in post production?

That having been said, I'd still like to congratulate you on a fantastic podcast. You're defintely my second favourite UK-based Linux podcast! :o)

Worried about kernel exploit

Am I the only one who is really worried about this? You may think it's not a problem since everyone updates their Linux boxes regularly.

Do you know how many routers run Linux?

That's right! The vast majority. And most of them obsolete 2.4 versions. That rarely even have the ability to be updated (manufacturers don't release updates), never mind get updated.


I find it intresting that most of you don't fancy KDE. Well to be honest I think that some of you ,Mike, didn't use it for fully two weeks.
The reason I thimk it's intresting is that in your win - lin comparison you refer to KDE4 quite a few times.
Personally I think KDE4 is great and Gnome is great, I couldn't be without eather of them.


I'm starting to find the constant deriding of KDE4 on the podcasts rather wearying. You mention that you installed KDE packages on Ubuntu, rather than trying out a properly focussed KDE distribution. You could simply have tested the KDE Live CD. And you ran version 4.2 despite the latest release being out the door. Reworked KDE4 vesions of apps like Dolphin and Gwenview really shine now if one takes some moments to investigate the new features, yet your comments on the former related to the KDE3 version which few people are familiar with and which has been superseded.

I've tried out GNOME and Xfce (and ICE / WM, etc) and am not wanting to come across either as a whinger or a KDE fanboy as I will use whatever gets the job done best, but frankly as representatives of an authoritative UK magazine I would expect better if you were to spend two weeks testing a major desktop and reporting on it.

I realise there was a limited degree of balance provided by the one existing KDE user, but since they are generally subjected to continual mockery by the rest of the gang there's never a fair chance for anything they say to be considered seriously.

I shall continue to post comments under your despised guise of Anonymous Penguin for as long as you continue with the rather lame, if not lazy, put-downs of KDE4!

Podcast Notes??

I have recently spent the last 2-3 days listening to all of the 15 podcasts (only just came across them - fantastic fun and very informative) and you refer regularly to the "Podcast Notes". Am I missing something on the site??

I don't see the notes, just this comments section and the brief review of what's in the podcast (is that them?) - nothing that seems to give more details (i.e. "One last thing") or some of the other hints listed within.

Keep up the fun and info (laugh all you like - my headphones managed to survive)


Just wanted to say thanks for an amazing podcast. As for the sound stuff, most speakers come with a volume control thing that makes the sound louder or quieter, it's very useful ;-)

Keep up he good work and thanks to everyone who contributes :-)

Viral licences?

Another great podcast guys, informative a lighthearted as ever.

Can't say I really got all of the banter about licences though - how about a comparison of what GPL, LPGL, BSD, Apache etc. actual do for the developer and the consumer? How many of us really know what we're agreeing to??


C'mon, let's have the next one! C'MON, where is it?!

I'm feeling lucky

If you type in your search term into the address bar and press enter, it does the I'm Feeling Lucky search.

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