Podcast Season 1 Episode 14


Title: Tron with Ponies

In this episode: SUSE Studio is out; Debian adopts timed releases, should we be giving coverage to companies who don't support Linux and should geeks prefer Free internet services over free internet services?

What's in the show

  • News: Novell's online distro builder, SUSE Studio, is released. Alan Cox quits as TTY maintainer after criticism from Linus Torvalds. Debian adopts time-based release freezes and KDE 4.3 is finally here.
  • Hot Topic: Should we be giving coverage to manufacturers who don't support Linux?
  • Discovery of the week:
  • Open Ballot: Should geeks prefer Free internet services over free internet services?
  • Special offer: subscribe to Linux Format magazine and save up to to 55% - that's just $7.62 an issue!

Presenters: Andrew Gregory, Paul Hudson, Graham Morrison and Mike Saunders

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Your comments

your laughs are too loud ;)

hi guys. great show as always. just one small problem. when i set the speaker volume at a level where i can hear you talking, when you all laugh i almost go deaf :P


Why not get readers to review hardware that the've recently purchased, if manufacture arn't willing to put up for review.

Thoughts ?

The day I can go into any

The day I can go into any shop and buy any piece of hardware I like - whether it's manufactured by Broadcom, Apple, NVIDIA, generic webcam brand #643, or anyone else, and know it will work on Linux, is the day I know open-source has won.

Oh, and don't go about giving too much praise to Intel just yet (though on the whole they deserve praise). The Intel GMA950 is a pain to use. A pain I tells ya! You try installing UNR on the Dell Inspiron Mini 9 and see how many headaches you get! The only supported resolution is 1024x768 and there is no graphics accelleration (changing tabs in UNR takes about 30 seconds).

I like KDE a lot. I cannot live without a terminal that follows you around. Dolphin has that. Nautilus doesn't. I cannot live without kioslaves (much better than gnome's similar offerings). And I cannot live without the way that apps communicate with each other and all feel part of the same system. I have never got that with gnome. It may be buggy, but those bugs have been getting rarer and rarer.

Open services

With hardware the evil empire punishes companies that advertise that they support Linux. Perhaps a better initial target would be to service companies who support FOSS. This would be IPS's hosting companies and the like.

So long plasma-widget-network-manager, we all hated you!

I am SO GLAD that they finally got rid of that unstable piece of masking tape that is plasma-widget-network-manager! That was pretty much the only thing that was making KDE4.2 and the 4.3RCs unstable! They've moved all that functionality into knetworkmanager and it's MUCH better. Now if it were to crash, it wouldn't bring down my whole desktop!

[something] popular wizards?

Can anyone give me any ideas at all?
I never understand the very first sentence of each episode of every podcast.

This episode is about python, last one was about swine flu?

RE: popular wizards

It's "Contary to popular wishes, [etc]"

Totally should have used the

Totally should have used the squeaky duck for the censorship bit. :3

Just saying here

Another very good podcast.

Laugh and the world laughs with you...

I agree with Iraklis' comment. I usually download podcast and listen to it on the way home in the car. Couldn't you pass the audio though audacity or something just to take the edge off the sudden bursts of laughter?

Come back Open Ballot, (almost) all is forgiven!

OK then, I know we criticised some of the Open Ballot topics, but please do bring back this spot - the podcast is not the same without it!

How about though, that you invite listeners to submit ideas for future ballots through these comments pages, then if we don't like the ballot topic, we only have ourselves to blame.

I'd personally be interested in a ballot on what would be your ultimate desktop distribution, what standard packages would it contain, and does such a distro exist? But I'm sure others have better suggestions.

Now, where did I leave my pony...

Too much Bass ?

I find I have to turn the bass down so I don't get thrashed in the car when someone bangs the desk or microphone.

weekly podcast?

You should make your podcast weekly instead of every fortnight . . . oh well, only one more day of withdrawal.

weekly podcast

I completely agree with AP's suggestion. Come on guys, we need your humour and wisdom. You keep me sane(ish) ;-)

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