Podcast Season 1 Episode 12


Title: Mike's Song

In this episode: Mono is finally safe to use while the HTML 5 specification is causing trouble. Canonical's Design and User Experience team launch the One Hundred Paper Cuts project for their next distro release and do version numbers really matter?

What's in the show

  • News: Microsoft promises not to sue Mono while the HTML 5 specification is still causing conflict (of interest?)
  • Hot Topic: Is Ubuntu's One Hundred Paper Cuts the way forward?
  • Discovery of the week:
    • Mike: SourGumdropK is a Kakuro/Sudoku-like game.
    • Paul: Share a directory online with 'python -m SimpleHTTPServer'
    • Graham: Avoid getting lost in caves with Therion
    • Andrew: The over-friendly setup screens of Tor
  • Open Ballot: Do version numbers matter?
  • Paul's far-better-than-Mike's One More Thing was: type ^foo^bar on the command line to repeat the previous command, replacing instances of "foo" with "bar".
  • Special offer: subscribe to Linux Format magazine and save up to to 55% - that's just $7.62 an issue!

Presenters: Andrew Gregory, Paul Hudson, Graham Morrison and Mike Saunders

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Notes please, what was the caret command thingy bob? Cheers ;)

Good work though fellas.

Firefox Fluffyness

Just listening to your podcast and at around 29 mins Andy talked about TOR fluffyness, this split onto wanting more fluffyness in Firefox. I actually came across this the other day. If you have a problem recovering tabs in the new Firefox 3.5 (which I've found crashes every time I try to fullscreen a flash video) then it brings up a screen saying 'This is embarrassing' and describes the problems its having with the offer to submit a bug report. It removes any anger you have towards the browser for messing up. Very clever.

Re: Caret?

Fixed - thanks!

iStore? When?

I don't have the bandwidth down here to download the podcast... But I do have an iPhone, and I can pass by a friends house (without carrying my laptop) and use iTunes to get the podcast. So can you please put it up (if you do) the podcast on iTunes! Because I was dead disappointed...

I hate propriety. But I love touchscreens, and not just any touchscreen... iPhone touchscreens! Got a competitor? Post it!

Re: iStore? When?

The podcast has been on iTunes for a very long time - just search for TuxRadar and you should find it.

Bring it back.

I want the music back!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

Scroll issue

It's a tick box in the mouse properties, just like the pad tap click.

leave it out

the intermissions without music are much better. It's proof it proof where needed that there is a world outside this box thats harder to talk about than F**ing Mono or HTMLwhatever.




Incidentally, I'm listening to your OGG Vorbis format podcast in a tab in Firefox 3.5 (Windows!) without any extra software, streaming!

So it's good!

lucjon, formerly person-b

Bring back the music

Please I don't think I can take another rendition of the software freedom song, wont someone please think of the children!

'ls' does not work in Windows 7.

That is all.

Streamed off iTunes on my iPhone and last song

First time listening to the show. I've just finished streaming it from the iTunes store on my iPhone over 3G. Which is nice. Worked flawlessly.

Show was great, I'll be subscribing from now on.

Can you tell me what the song was that played in the outro, it was bitchin'.

Cheers guys.

Re: last song

The song you heard at the end is the song we use in all the podcasts - it was excluded (for the most part!) in this podcast due to it drawing a complaint from a listener. It's called "Dropping out of School" by Brad Sucks - it's available under the Creative Commons. We like it a lot, which is why you hear the exclusive Andrew Gregory remix of the song in this podcast. TuxRadar trivia: he does that pretty much every time we cut to music ;)

Were you guys drinking?!

It all went a little bit manic towards the end (Andrew)...! Keep up the good work guys, love the podcast; my list of things to try out from the hot topic keeps growing!

Bring back the music!

It is a great podcast, it is just missing one thing. I wonder what that could be.......

The music saves lives

Please bring back the music. Without it I lose the cadence you have developed that matches critical points in my once-a-week drive I make to the airport thus keeping me awake behind the wheel.

Unlucky Numbers

Apollo 13

Please Please Please Stop SHOUTING

Can you lot realise that SHOUTING on a podcast/radio is bloody awful, really annoying, and spoils enjoyment... sorry, been meaning to say this since episode 1.

podcast music

I really like the normal music you use. I also liked the classical music you used at one point in this podcast.
But please, do not ever let Mike sing again on a podcast! That was the worst thing I ever heard on any podcast and should never be repeated.

Bring the music back!

I don't care what thous other mindless fools are saying, bring the music back!

Though I do enjoy hearing Mike sing the Free software song :P

Where's my .ogg?

The episode 12 Ogg feed has an mp3 format file.

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