Podcast Season 1 Episode 10


Title: Episode X

In this episode: Unix is 40 years old, Google releases an alpha Linux version of its Chrome browser and ARM-powered laptops are spotted at Computex. Is Linux a difficult development platform and should we thin the licensing herd?

What's in the show

Presenters: Andrew Gregory, Paul Hudson, Graham Morrison and Mike Saunders

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Another podcast, splendid! I shall download it forthwith, then put it on the headphones while I lie down in a darkened room with my eyes closed. Or is that what you do with Dark Side of the Moon?

Cheers for the "shout-out" in episode 9 by the way! :D

Happy Birthday UNIX (40th year)

Listen to the podcast to find out more!

UNIX - Human age ration

One human lifetime is equivalent to one UNIX year!!!!

Well probably not but who am I to say?


Once again :)

My own discovery this week is 'Vimperator', an add on for Firefox. I'm not sure I needed to consume the Internet any faster than I do already but it works really well on my laptot, avoiding the context switch to the mousepad.

I probably need help as I enjoy using vim >_<

I use exit, not Ctrl-D

I think I knew that I could use Ctrl-D but for some reason I never do...

Open textures

We at vegastrike have most of our art assets as GPL the only exceptions being a few music tracks that are CC

Enjoy the Choice:)

Psychedelic penguin

Another great podcast. Your discussion about Unix's 40th birthday is surreal.


BleachBit sure is a nice discovery, but I sure wish it'd detect what apps I have installed so I don't see an abundance of useless options on the left. :)

OpenClipart :(

I understand your problem with OpenClipart, so I have decided to make a little gui frontend for OpenClipart. I'll post again when I have finished it!

1 human year = 2 unix

1 human year = 2 unix years

distros often get upgraded once every six months (like ubuntu) so they get a unix year older :)


Actually, there is a very nice interface of generated HTML files for OpenClipart, it comes with the (rather large) download. Of course, this does not necessarily make the search for the files easier.

CTRL-D saved my life!

Well maybe not quite but can't believe I didn't know about it before. Now I just need to find something to occupy the time previously consumed by those pesky two additional key-strokes.

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