Podcast Season 06 Episode 2


Title: Here's Jonni

Another in a series of irregular podcasts from the Linux Format team. Apologies for lower than usual sound quality, the air conditioning was making a racket. Hopefully we'll all, mostly, be back soon...

In this episode: A new team member arrives just in time for redundancies, Linux drones will be taking to the skies, the FCC is being a bit useless, LXQt is a lovely new lightweight desktop, XBMC 13 Gotham is finally out and it's well smart, all of Denmark is in Minecraft, GoboLinux is an interesting remix and we discuss the Open Source Novena laptop and the Jurassic Park 3D SGI file manager.

Special offer: A subscription to Linux Format magazine is the Free Software equivalent of listening to lovely vinyl.

Presenters: Neil Mohr, Matthew Hanson, Chris Thornett, Jonni Bidwell.

Music by Incompetech.com.

Intro - Ouroboros

Extro - Aurea Carmina

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You should follow us on Identi.ca or Twitter

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