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Quick Update: We're planning to record our new podcast early next week, which means we'll probably switch to a Tuesday release schedule rather than Thursdays.

Also, for those wondering what Paul Hudson has been doing over the last few months, he's been helping to develop the new Tap! App - and you can find evidence of his work (and even a video with him talking!) here: http://goo.gl/hPviN.

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I don't think I will be able to survive! BTW Can you make sure you allow Effy to talk more? I don't think he get's his fair share of talking time.


He's defected to Mac! (Paul, not Effy)


Im quitting my job now!

There's a lot of things one

There's a lot of things one could say about Paul leaving a Linux magazine to make an iPad app.

I'll stick to just one.

Good work, Paul! Looks like you did a good job with it.


I wouldn't consider it a "treat", it is defiantly in a good slot. Some people may not be able to get the hang of Thursdays but the TRP (TuxRadarPodCast) fitted it perfectly.

Thursdays will miss it greatly.

for Whilst

Thursdays may be gone, but they've invented these fabulous things called "Tuesdays"...

You Dare Us

If you are stuck for things to for the You Dare Us challenge how about looking at things that are easier on Windows/Mac machines. Eg mapping a network drive, MS Publisher, syncing FAT partitions, iTunes.

Some of these may be the 'one thing' that stops users swapping to Linux. I still have to keep a Windows partition for all the little things that can not be done by Linux.

Cheers and thanks for a great podcast and mag.

New day...

Tuesdays / Thursdays - doesn't matter to me... just happy to get a fix of TuxRadar Podcast every couple of weeks as it is fairly unique.

You Dare Us challenge

I dare you to play the Bill & Ted drinking game:

Watch both Bill & Ted films and do the following:

Have a drink when someone says "bodacious".
Have a drink when someone says "heinous".
Have a drink when someone says "bogus".
Have a drink for every "non" used to indicate a negative (as in "non-triumphant").
Have a drink when someone says "excellent".
Have a drink when someone says "party on dudes".
Have a drink when someone says "station".
Have a drink every time someone explains doing something with the timeline after the film finishes.
When they play air guitar, stand up, play air guitar with the boys and then have a drink.
Finish your drink for every Missy cleavage shot.

If you're not dead from alcohol poisoning, you are expected to sing God Gave Rock n Roll To You at the end of Bogus Journey.

Uncertain raw eggs are

Tsk, just as I was getting into the podcast they go and re-schedule. Will have to cancel Tuesdays now.

Long time LXF reader, new listener. Was wondering if you could have a chat about this whole UEFI secure boot issue that Microsoft are insisting on with Windows 8. I know we have Coreboot, I know it will be ultimately hacked, but it does seem to preclude dual booting, and may well be a thinly veiled anti-Linux measure? At least a happy side effect from Redmond's POV?

Anyway, look forward to listening. Cheers chaps.

for Tux the Magic Penguin

They've already set that as the topic for the open ballot. I expect they'll discuss it in some depth.

...and this seems to be the longest Tuesday on record! lol


It seems that the podcast remains on Thursday ;) Maybe to much baby crying and no sleep at the moment? Looking forward to the next issue.
If you already did get some beer, you could introduce a new section "beer of podcost issue #" ;)


Random question

What is the music you use for your podcast intro and outro? The kids and I love to bop along to it. I'd like to know what it is.


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