Podcast Delays


Bad news all, we're having to delay the podcast for 24 hours.

While normal service will hopefully be resumed tomorrow, in the meantime you might want to check out our archive. If you fancy peeking in to what now seems like an alternate reality, check out season 1, episode 1 where we heard how Torvalds had switched to Gnome, or check out season 2, episode 5 to discover how quickly we seemed to fail at You Dare Us. There's lots of fun to be had.

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Be honest...

You've all been laughing so much at the MS Surface you had to take a day off to recover! ;-)

Microsoft dictates to people and bureaucrats shovel it.

All sales-people talk to the bureaucrats that then shove that material. Sales people often lie and the bureaucrats will want to look good at other people's expense so filth is shoved. Only when those bureaucrats can-not cause problems needed to expand the bureaucracy without being held personally responsible, will life improve. I have ways of causing guilty parties to receive blame.

The plan was to maximise the counter-productivity of the computer then have bureaucrats shove the item. After this when the bureaucrat would be reported home invasion groups will occur to enforce clients to experience more of the same improvement.

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