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To celebrate the cover feature on the latest Linux Format, we've built a web app that helps you find out which Linux distro is right for you. Just enter details of what you're looking for, and it will pick your perfect distro match.

Let us know what you're looking for in a Linux distro, and we'll tell you which one is right for you.

Desktop Environments:

How important are the following to you (1 = not important at all, 99 = extremely important)

Desktop or server?


Stability or bleeding edge software?

Because you can't have both
Stability Bleeding edge

Ease of use or ultimate configurability?

Ultimate configurability Ease of use

To run on an old computer or new?

Old New

Package manager?

Don't care

Make your changes above, then hit

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Your comments

What about privacy?

Doesn't ask about privacy and commercialism so I got Ubuntu.....


Got a bunch of Gnome-based suggestions leaving all DEs to 1. I don't use a DE and prefer to just use Openbox. Maybe add window manager options?

Almost right.

It gave me Gentoo as No 1 (never used it, not interested) but it did list Slackware as a close second and Slackware is what I use.
Some thought has gone into this. Other "distro choosers" are question based and always get it wrong.

Pretty close...

Huh. So apparently, your psychic abilities tell you that I'm a Debian user. Well, yes and no. I use crunchbang, which is based on Debian. So- close, but no cigar. Besides, I'll probably just switch back to mint in awhile.

Recommend Linux Distro Picker

Looks to be very useful and on target for many users

Got me right on with CentOS

Where is the source, would like to see how its implement ?

I put in stable easy to use

I put in stable easy to use KDE with apt for a desk-top.

Where is Mepis?

It is the base for Anti-X which does appear.

Very disapointed

For many years I've tried to find a distro that does everything I can do with Windoze, so far without success, there's always something that doesn't work in all distros tried to date, which is very frustrating. Is it really impossible for the Linux community to produce a working distro that gives the user freedom of choice, stability & reliability? Linux is supposed to be about freedom, yet every distro imposes programs, which are not that easy to change after installation, especially for newbies as uninstalling & installing programs in Linux is not as straightforward as in Windoze. Why can't there be a list to choose from for each category BEFORE installation? If there is such a distro out there, please let me know as I'm really fed up with Windoze...


I did the quiz again & it recommended the above, which I duly downloaded only to find out after putting the image on a USB stick that it's not possible to test that distro from a USB, only to install it from CDs, a DVD or an internal partition!!!! What is wrong with these guys???? Argh!!!!!!!!!


It gave me Debian (Debian Unstable would be a good pick since I picked bleeding edge).. However, what I use, and what seems to be missing is Siduction (descended from Sidux->AptoSid)...

Arch, eh?

Well, I just happen to be running arch since a few months back :3

My distro history if anyone cares:

Ubuntu (back when 7.xx was still new, used it up until 10.10) & Debian on two different machines
Ubuntu - removed it after 10 minutes *shivers unity*
More Debian
Somewhere in there there was some gentoo as well

Arch Linux

The best Distro in the whole world! Perfect match! I'm using this distro! =D

Needs Another Selector...

...how about this for a new selector:

Systemd Yes / Don't Care / No
1 50 99

Granted there are more and more distros moving towards Systemd, but some people would like to see distros that support Systemd and more traditional options.

Well done, I am an avid

Well done, I am an avid Debian user and this is the recommendation that came up for me.

Where's the damn data?

My results didn't make much sense to me.

If you made your classification data available, we could look and see why our results did or didn't make sense. Surely you've classified all these distros on these parameters? Why not let us look at this classification?

Debian, Debian, Debian...

Hmm... With Xfce on 99 and everything else on 1, I still got Debian. It seems no matter what I try, I nearly always get Debian. My actual distro (Xubuntu) wasn't even listed. I set the age setting to the oldest it would go, and ended up with AntiX. Needs tweaking.

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