Code Project: build a PyGTK language translator


Once you understand the basics of PyGTK, you can make some neat apps just by drawing upon some of the incredible APIs that are available from well-known companies such as Facebook, Twitter and Yahoo. In this video tutorial you'll learn how to work with Google's Translate API, which can translate a huge range of languages on the fly, then back up your knowledge with a simple PyGTK user interface that puts a pretty face on it all.

This tutorial is dedicated to Casey, who donated at least $50 to support free software - if you want to see more video tutorials like this one, all you have to do is donate to support the Libre Graphics Meeting. Easy!

Important: If you missed parts one and two of this tutorial series, you should watch them first because they cover many fundamental coding techniques that we'll be re-using here: Part One: Python + PyGTK + WebKit in 20 minutes and Build a PyGTK RSS reader.

(NB: if you plan to make a real application with the Google Translate API, you should credit Google in the UI somewhere.)

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Paul! I love u man!
Please keep these great tutorials coming! They are just amazing :D

I love it!

I love this and the other two screencasts really!
Please keep on going.

With best regards from germany and thanks for mention de ;-)

It would be nice to download the final program through an link on the end of each project-post.


These are really great Paul. Thanks a lot for these. I'm doing java gui at uni now and it's really good to see how much easier a python/gtk implementation can be.

Great series

hi, thanks for these tutorial films!

I've just eaten part 1 and part 2 and will it eat the third this evening...


These tutorials are awesome,

I'm not sure how much of this stuff is actually sticking in my head, but just the revelation that I've been able to make a GUI translate app in under 20 minutes is pretty mind blowing..

I'd love to see a set of these videos on one of the Linux Format Specials you release every so often!



Than you very much!
I've been wishing to start with python long time ago and you gave me the strong :)

Now, my first program in Python is a Python+Qt4 translator using the Google API :D

I usually program in C++ using Qt4 framework, so adapt your great example to my needs.

I'm thinking in give a chance to GTK too ;)

Thanks again, great video.

Ivan (from Argentina)

how to drop it to text

Paul, in first place, sorry for my poor english.
This is a wonderfull tutorial and I,m gratefull for it, but I have a problem.
In the python console the aplication really works, but the problem emerge when I try to writte it in text mode. How can I make it to work in a IDE aplication like geany, gedit, etc.?.
I wish your answer. thanks.

Google Rippoff

This video no longer works.
"Google Translate API is available as a paid service." So they get all kinds of people to freely help them develop this and THEN they start charging for it!!!!
We are going to see more and more of this from google. So all the cheering about Google is linux etc, has been for naught.

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