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Jon Roberts says:

I'm afraid I've been a little dopey - I completely forgot to ask what everyone's favourite games are! So whether you love the fast-paced, cartoon styled fun of Warsow or you're more of a Nethack fan, go ahead and let us know what your favourite games are in the comments.

The only rule is that they need to be native to Linux (although we know how great Wine and Dosbox are!).

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The best Linux game for me...

... is SuperTuxKart.
That being said, I expect 0 A.D. to be able to surpass it, but STK is the game giving me most fun at the moment.


I'm going to say Koules, because I spent ages playing it when I installed SUSE Linux 6 a zillion years ago :-)

-- Mike


Doom always has a place on my hard drive and there are plenty of wonderful clients to run this classic game and it's sequels/spin-offs.

But speaking of Nethack, if you want a rougue-like with a sci-fi flavour try DoomRL, much easier to get into and runs in a terminal.


xkill is the best first person shooter ever!


Battle for Wesnoth is a pretty awesome turn-based strategy game with decent graphics and art, good music, and plenty of campaigns to while away the hours of one's life (then again, I traded hours of my life to KBounce, so what do I know?)

Best linux game

Urban Terror



Hard one, a lot of great ones.

Wish I had more time to play them.

World of Goo(awesome puzzle), Nexuiz(great fun in LAN party), Wesnoth, Hedgewars(worms clone) and Pingus(lemmings clone) are the best I have played(assuming ScummVM counts as an emulator).

If I had to pick one it would be World of Goo


Trine was pretty awesome too.Bought it during the Frozenbyte Humble Bundle sale.

Best Linux Game

Im pretty sure it has to be UFO:Alien Invasion. no contest!!

Not a great one for games...

Aisleriot, Frozen Bubble and TuxRacer (or whatever it's calling itself these days) are about it for gaming for me.

Quake Wars

A lot of the Id tech games have native linux binaries.

I'm a big fan of "Quake Wars", which ran great on linux. They also kept the patches for the linux binaries up-to-date with the windows ones FTW. Though the linux binaries were download only, and did not come on the disc.

It was already mentioned, but Trine was really good as well.

Doom 2 and Quake 2

Classic, well made and thought out. Good fun over and over and over and over... :D

...Also had a lot of fun with the original Castle Wolfenstein but not sure if there is a Linux version out there or where to get it....anyone?

Warzone 2100 sticks out in

Warzone 2100 sticks out in my mind.

However, all the humble bundle games? Braid sticks out for me, as does World of Goo, Aquaria, Gish... you get the picture.

my list:

Heroes of newert
urban terror
those humble indie bumble game packs
0verkill (ascii fps)
asciiquarium ( when tired of playing games)

I can't believe no-one's

I can't believe no-one's mentioned Osmos yet. A brilliant, clever, absorbing game.

World of Goo, too, I suppose.

But the win surely goes to the Linux port of SMAC :D

got to be the best


You all forgot !

You all forgot about Defendguin . Ive been messing with those Mutants for years. I usually have about 2-3 games of this to see how my brain and reflexes are really working and then go and do something else. You cant go past this one.


Anyone every try the Penumbra Series? Excellent games.

A few

Marathon 2, running on the Aleph One engine, is an excellent if-dated FPS. It involves mild puzzles and has an engrossing storyline. People express surprise over the tricks the Doom engine could do on such limited hardware, but the Marathon game engine was so much more advanced at around the same time. Aleph One is improved from the Marathon 2 days, too.

Minecraft has the capability to suck hours out of people's lives. I gave it up because I found I was neglecting my girlfriend from it. I'm simply not touching Minecraft anymore because it's too dangerous.

I also like Kobo Deluxe, it's quite an addictive and satisfying arcade space shooter.

And finally, Sopwith is pretty cool in a lo-fi way. Especially when you modify the source code to give you near-infinite lives so you have a chance to finish the second level :-)

So many...

I'm quite fond of World of Goo, Aquaria and Trine which were available in various Humble Indie Bundles. I also enjoy Tasty Static because of my old Skyroads-playing days. Of course, Nethack is definitely still an epic win (especially on machines which can't handle fancy 3D graphics). For online multiplayer fun, Teeworlds is a good little game as well. Who said games on Linux suck?


I've spent many an hour on Freeciv, though I find the easy levels to be difficult. I just love developing those cities.
Also Wesnoth is great. Thank you to the people that put together great stories there.
Lately I've been playing OpenTTD, I just love playing with trains.
On Windows I play first person shooters, but the Linux ones, just don't play as nicely.

I suppose my favourite of the lot would have to be Freeciv.

Oooo, many

Pingus! If the ID Software titles with downloadable linux installers count, then Quake 4 should be on my list. I'm also a bit partial to World of Goo. It was a shame I could never get the sound to work on the linux version of Enemy Territory, but there we are.


How can Nexuiz only be mentioned once here!? I thought Linux users were hardcore! Also, Xonotic (a continuing GPL fork of Nexuiz) is worthy of a mention.


Sad to say it but a windows partition has my favourite games on it. Not a big fan of Tuxcart or Warmux etc.

If Half Life can be ported to Mac, surely it can be ported to Linux too without too much effort...


This is a family selection, ages 10 (daughter) and 21 (Mum and Dad)
Performous..helps if you can sing in tune.
Go Ollie!
Five or more!
Atomic Worm
Word of Goo

I'll just take the ones that

I'll just take the ones that are'nt mentiond:
- QuakeRally (it's beeing devd as a standalone, out soon)

Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory
- True combate (check the alpha, looks great)

- Xonotic [fork] (actully think this is nicer, would love a story mod on it thou, her it might be in the works)

Galactic vice
- pre alpha (but looks like a real contender to commercial RTS's)

great old time waster, play whit other people x8 players on one keybord and mouse

Great and fantastic

Osmos and Supertux

and Supertux

Just a few

World of Goo,
Revenge of the Titans,
and - for when I'm *really* bored - KBounce.

(And you're right - Wine is great[strike that: awesome!] Love my Steam games!)

Not a very big gamer...

...but I did enjoy the following:

- Freecol
- Battle of Wesnoth (very addictive!)
- Osmos
- World of Goo

but probably I spent most time with Supertuxkart...

Ooh Ooh WAIT! Osmos. Awesome

Ooh Ooh WAIT!

Osmos. Awesome game.


No one has mentioned the ultimate Linux game as far as I can see:

Every Distro has a built in mode for this game, control alt F1/any of the other agetty terminals. They say it's a fallback, something for productivity. Really, we all know the truth:

It's Nethack mode.

World Of Goo, DEFCON (really

World Of Goo, DEFCON (really killingly good strategy), Toribash (super fun but it's very hard one to play), Incursion rpg (for true D&D/rpg fans), Tribal Trouble (killing time stuff), Neverwinter Nights (!!!) and warsow (nice graphics and gameplay) + ut2k4.

I would also mention xboard and many chess engines available for it. It's a piece of jewel for every chess player :)

Not Much Time to Play But

The games that I do play when I get the time are:

World of Goo
SuperTux Kart
Armagetron Advanced
Frets on Fire

The last three I play with my 7 year old son.

koules, supertuxkart, and frozenbubble

and I also play angry birds in chrome ;) . . . I hope they make an open source version called "pissed-off penguins" one day . . .


Amnesia: The Dark Descent. Native on linux and also extremely fun/terrifying. The Penumbra series is also excellent. I play them on windows with my friends as well.

Minecraft also fits into that category.

There needs to be an FPS (First Person Shooter) on linux that has Aim Down Sight - Where you can aim using the guns sights and now just the crosshairs. That's a game breaker for me.

best game


My new favs...

Red Eclipse
Super Tux Kart (SVN)


+1 for UrbanTerror

Best Game



^ ditto

Spring, for RTS fans.

It's not really a game, per se, but it does host an open sauce version of Total Annihilation, Balanced Annihilation (The best RTS ever). It also allows for immediate torrenting of RTS mods and maps from anyone playing them in springlobby at any time.

Keep in mind, it's still in development.

I heard you guys commenting on Desura, and thought you might enjoy this one.


Supertuxkart, neverball, and supertux. They are the best, and supertuxkart is available for Windows 2000+, OSX (Intel and PPC), Linux 2.6+, FreeBSD 6+, NetBSD 2+, Solaris 10+, and the code! Supertux is old though (last stable release was in 2003!).

Open TTD! The trains move by

Open TTD! The trains move by themselves!


Bastion, I got it with the humble bundle and it was the best game I've ever played.

some more

OpenTTD is a great clone of transport tycoon, even better, with online play and what not

openarena, Quakeworld (nQuake)

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