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Jon Roberts says:

I've always been a huge fan of radio, and since moving to Bath without a TV, the radio has become an even bigger part of my daily routine. While I'm quite content with what BBC analogue radio has to offer (the Torchwood radio series was really good, although I fear I already know too much about what's going on in Ambridge!) I was thrilled to stumble across TuneIn Radio, a free Android app that provides access to 50,000+ radio stations from around the world, via the internet.

I've not had much time to explore lots of foreign stations yet, just sampled a few dedicated jazz channels, but I'm hoping to discover plenty more great drama and interesting documentaries (I think NPR is available through this app).

So, if you like Radio, give TuneIn Radio a go.

Also, if any one has any recommendations for good podcasts, particularly sci-fi drama based ones, I'd love to hear about them in the comments :-)

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Love this app

I love this app and use it a lot on my Palm Pre and on my Archos Android tablet.


Does it have Radio Paloma, 100 Prozent Deutscher Schlager?


La radio de Mexico

Super app to get all the radio stations from Mexico city, Viva Mexico!


Is there an Archers Android App? If not there should be.

Cheers Jon

Love this app. Thanks for bringing to our attention.

Great Recommendation

TuneIn is outstanding -

Is there an equivalent that runs on the desktop distros?

Download usage for TuneIn

Howdy. If I have an "internet allowance" of 1GB/mth on my phone contract, can someone please give me a rough idea of how much time I can spend listening to a typical TuneIn station per month? As I'm keen on learning German and Russian this might be a good reason to upgrade to unlimited internet...

Record Radio

This is a great app, for someone who loves a specific programme but cant always listen when its on, its so cool that I can record it on my mobile phone and listen when i can.

Just a shame I cant get the LXF Podcast through it!

NPR Android app

Jon mentions NPR. I have a free app calleb NPRByDate in the google play store. It allows the streaming or downloading of NPR through their API, plus PRI's The World and The Takeaway by screen scraping. I am not a gui designer so the interface is clunky, but it gets the job done.

HappiPod cast...

I have used Hapi Podcast since I got my first Android phone a few years ago. It is a great free app - easy to use and all the functionality I need. The one thing that annoys me is that when I search for podcast every time I wipe my phone for a new ROM, TuxRadar doesn’t come up. BBC Radio 4 podcasts do and everything else I want...can you guys get TuxRadar on the search results for Hapi Podcast? Freedooom...

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