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Article ideas.

Postby russh » Tue Aug 23, 2005 8:47 am

Okay, so they're skewed towards my own requirements...

But - as per my post in the Help!' forums, I reckon a clear picture of all the groupware on offer would be great - and a considered opinion of how it could be used to swap out Echange in many situations - Education / Small Business etc. The options in the market are bewildering; - OpenGroupware/GroupWise/OpenExchange/eGroupWare/Hula etc etc

Also - How about a new series of articles to show 'real life' smb usage of Linux - ClarkeConnect (you've not covered this for a while) / Asterix (or VOIP in general) / Groupware / MySQL / and of course desktops suitable for office usage.

The LTSP is very interesting - and could play a huge part in SMB, if old desktops are re-used as terminal server clients back to a Linux Terminal Server distro at the heart of an office....

Just a few thoughts!
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