FOSS XML tools to match/beat Altova's

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FOSS XML tools to match/beat Altova's

Postby kvonh » Wed Apr 13, 2005 3:20 pm

Does anyone have first hand experience/opinion of the Altova tools XMLSpy, StyleVision, MapForce *and* FOSS equivalents.

I'm doing some work at the moment involving largish data sets, specified using XSDs, held in XML, edited (sometimes) using 'Authentic/StylePowerSheets' and mangled using MapForce (XSLT basically) into HTML, other XML, PDF, Sybase databases and CSV/TSVformats.

I'd really really like to do this on Linux (or with Java), not Windows, but don't see anything in sourceforge/freshmeat (or googling) that really touches the Altova tools for ease of use, quality, functionality etc. Lots of great pieces, yes, but nothing that holds together as convincingly as the Altova suite. All credit to Altova for their excellent tools - bummer that they aren't FOSS/Linux!

Please someone tell me I've not looked hard enough!

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