HELP: blown up pc + advice on entitlement law needed

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HELP: blown up pc + advice on entitlement law needed

Postby kevingpo » Sat Aug 06, 2005 1:06 am

I have been buying upgrade parts over the past couple of months. First the 512MB DDR, then the P4 3.0GHz (775 chipset). Then the ECS P775G-A motherboard (built in gfx+network). All those three parts were mail order (2 from overclockersUK, 1 from redstore).

I read in the motherboard instruction manual that I should get 24pin or at least a power supply enough power to power the motherboard. So I decided to go to lower User2 computer shop. I asked for, "can I get a 24 pin PSU".

I was handed a brown box. went home, and it was still 20pin. however it was marked on the side of the psu "Pentium 4 ready" and 350W. and also in the motherboard manual it says it supports 20pin, as long as pin 1 is pin 1.

So I plug everything together. It boots! Yippee! It's making whirling noises from harddisk, and cpu. Then I smelt a weird burning smell. I thought it was just the smell of new hardware being used. also i noticed was sounds of speeding up and slowing down noises, repeatly. this never happen to me before, and doesn't sound very nice.

then pc just switched off. what? i booted it up again. seems ok. wonder why it switched off?

I notice the bios says "warning hardware changes or something, press f2 or f1 to reconfigure". I pressed f2. then all of sudden I heard a massive clonk noise and whole pc died. what was that? and what is this terrible burning smell???

I took the pc to User2 and told them about this. I also notified them that I bought the power supply from them. they agree it's blown up. they gave me direct replacement. however I wanted to get the 400W PSU, and also leave the pc there for them to fix for me (£40 labour of installing the psu).

I am waiting for it to be ready. But I've been thinking. What happened if the previous faulty PSU did damage my motherboard and/or cpu and/or ddr? Am I entitled for compensation, etc.? Is there some laws or customer rights that I have or should know about? What can I do? If the worst comes to worst, and my motherboard and ddr and cpu are totally useless... that's me lost my savings of an entire upgrade.... :S woes help :(
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RE: HELP: blown up pc + advice on entitlement law needed

Postby AJB2K3 » Sat Aug 06, 2005 9:11 am

Your best bet is to seek legal help but computers are a gray area for example.
MSwindows is sold (with known faults) but you were sold the software as fully working BUT
if it crashes it ins't working so therefore its faulty.
however use this for compensation and you will get laugthed out of the courts.
In your case they could turn around and say that its was something you did and shrug off all responsibility for problems.
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RE: HELP: blown up pc + advice on entitlement law needed

Postby A-Wing » Sat Aug 06, 2005 8:06 pm

I am very surprised it worked, the 24 way connection is a totally different pinout, you usually need either a £2 converter cable 20->24 way (not reccomended for P4) or a 24 way PSU (generally expensive). You will have shorted several voltage lines in what you did which caused the meltdown.
In my modded Silicon Graphics 330 (Dual P3) I have a standard 350W PSU with a P4 20->24 way converter which works great, in the manual it says not to use a 20 way and a quick google search proved why.

As for a legal claim, if the PSU was at fault and not human error the manufacturer / shop is responsible.
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