Where can we submit ideas for Linux Development?

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Postby comcamel » Sun Jul 24, 2005 8:40 am

, fairly good idea of what a new hardrive format could be: who is to say, we can have a completly new idea, to what is already around - look at the past people though the Earth was flat, then Columbus proved them wrong by doing something that people wouldn't want to do...

Any how, there is nothing or very minimal that normal people can do - we owe a small debt for the amount of time, these linux developers bring us this brilliant operating system> it is like they are saying just use it - that keeps us happy.

They should be wanting us to spread it to friends, family etc and us having our chance to see how we have helped linux as in a site like spreadfirefox. The only place i know where they are wanting people who use linux to advertise is Gnome, but there idea is rubbish and the idea of how the apply it is rubbish, KDE has only done slighly better allowing you to submit an idea, but how do you know if people like it? The Linux community should sprawl up an advertising section where they help spread Linux to branches of companies and home users!
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