A great bargain on a second hand laptop

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A great bargain on a second hand laptop

Postby phorneker » Tue Jan 29, 2008 1:21 am

Two weeks ago, I went to my local computer store and got a great bargain on a second hand laptop.

The machine is a Compaq Armada E700, with 500Mhz Pentium III, 384MB of RAM, 18GB IBM hard drive, two PCMCIA cards, one USB 1.x port, built-in Intel Express Pro ethernet card, a Lucent-based modem, and the standard assortment of parallel , serial, and VGA ports found on legacy laptops.

The video board is a ATi (now AMD) Rage Mobility board. The best part, everything is Linux compatible!

I purchased this laptop second hand for $149.00 USD!

I have purchased a Linksys (Cisco) Compact-G USB wifi adapter to go with the machine.

There is one other change in the laptop. I have installed Mandriva 2008 on the machine, and it worked flawlessly with all the hardware on the laptop, including the wifi adapter.

This is a departure from the advocacy I have shown in the past for OpenSUSE.
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