Peugeot adopts SUSE, Chrysler adopts this...

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Peugeot adopts SUSE, Chrysler adopts this...

Postby phorneker » Fri Feb 08, 2008 3:20 am

The Chicago Auto Show is being held this weekend.

These days, Ford's automobiles come equipped with the Sync system, so we will not go there. Peugeot has adopted Linux in its IT infrastructure, and Linux is a part of the entertainment and navigation systems coming in the new models.

If you think that is cool, check out what Chrysler is doing for its promotional campaign. (LXF might want this for its mascot, too ;-) )

The point I am making here is the adoption of Linux, be it in the IT structure, or embedded in the automobile electronics has been slow in coming.

Of course, Ford obviously has not considered Linux. Its newest offerings include the Sync mobile navigation and entertainment system. Embedded Windows powers the Sync system.

Peugeot has quite an impressive display here in Chicago, but no sign of Linux is present.
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