Lots of Fedora problems (Core 4)

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Lots of Fedora problems (Core 4)

Postby nerdmaster » Thu Jul 14, 2005 10:24 am

Upgraded to Fedora core 4 yesterday from core 3. Now I'm in a bad mood. Here is a breakdown:

After the upgrade the Nvidia drivers broke (4496), knew that wa to be expected so I tried to recompile the module. Doesn't work. Even with kernel dev packages installed, can't find a particular header.

Similar problem with vmware

My Samba server broke. This was a working setup under core3 (anybody else had this problem?)

So I created a fresh install. Samba works fine. But I still have the kernel sourtce problem, plus there is no kernel development option in anaconda.

And I forgot to mention, the new 3 menu system sucks big time. Can anybody help out with any of these problems? (I only want the samba help out of sake of curiosity)
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