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UK HMG/OSSG Open Source Awareness Events

Postby markelkins » Wed Mar 21, 2012 4:44 pm

A series of internal HM Government (HMG) events have been organized by the UK Home Office and the BCS Open Source SG (OSSG) to create greater awareness of Open Source software amongst UK Government Civil Servants.

Feedback from the first two events (held so far at the time of writing) on 21st February 2012 and 20th March 2012 indicates a positive reception to the topics covered. Speakers look to have been fully sourced for events 3,4, and 5. The composition of speakers for Event 6 is yet to be decided, which will seek to cover solid examples of Open Source Software use transferable to HMG or ideally already being used somewhere within HMG.

There is discussion taking place within the Home Office and HMG about the possibility of taking this series events with OSSG further through the use of a Roadshow across the various regions.

Timetable of events:

Web Applications - 21st February 2012

Web CMS: Drupal

Portal: Liferay

Social Working & Collaboration

Search: Solr/Lucene

Business Applications – 20th March 2012


ERP/Finance: OpenERP, Adempiere
(double session)

Data Management and BI

Infrastructure – 17th April 2012

Monitoring: ZenOSS

Databases: Postgresql

Application Performance Testing: jmeter

Application Servers and Messaging: JBOSS

Desktop Backend - 15th May 2012

EDRM: Alfresco

Email / Calendaring: Zarafa, Zimbra

Authentication / ID: OpenAM/DJ/IDM

Workflow Engine / Case Management

Cloud Technologies – 12th June 2012

Cloud / VM management: Openstack

Storage: Cassandra

Compute: Hadoop

Public Sector Case Studies – 10th July 2012


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