Why does Windows lack so much?

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Why does Windows lack so much?

Postby Dark » Tue Jul 24, 2007 1:52 am

Really. The title says it all even in Vista it lacks....
1. A decent office suite (No wordpad is not a proper word processor and it lacks the ability now to open .DOC files in Vista)
2. Out of the box .ogg support (A FREE and patent free alternitive to MP3
3. Read support for Linux partitions (Although Im not sure about Vista because my sister won't let me install Linux on her computer)
4. Protection from Viruses (Why isn't the OS virus resistant)

And there are many many more things. Why does Microsoft limit their PCs like that? I can download a 700 MB ISO for Ubuntu and have all of that, plus much more for FREE if you going to be paying $200 for software shouldn't it at least not get a virus for visiting a website? Im hoping Windows 7 changes this (Not that Im a Windows fan but I fix computers and am tired of Microsoft's refusal to hardly make a decent OS (I still can't convince some people to switch to Linux...) I realize that its closed source so we can't improve it but shouldn't by PAYING for an OS you get a better one? Right now on Ubuntu Im posting on this forum while Guild Wars (A WINDOWS 3-D MMORPG is downloading updates running on WINE) Ubuntu can read just about anything Windows but why can't Windows read Linux's stuff? It just doesn't make sense.
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RE: Why does Windows lack so much?

Postby Dutch_Master » Tue Jul 24, 2007 2:28 am

Because of the business model M$ choose to persue. There are (IIRC) 11 different versions of Vista, intended for 11 different audiences/usergroups. I think it was 6 versions for home users (including an MCE) and 5 enterprise versions, including servers. They each have their different pricetags and if you want more functionality, you'd either buy a new, higher spec'd copy ($$$) or upgrade the existing copy (but only if, when, depending on whatever version you have and want to get, etc etc, at M$'s disposal...)

On a sidenote: apparently Acer chief Gianfranco Lanci had some serious nuts to crack on Vista in a German edition of the Financial Times on Monday... Roughly translated it's something like : "Vista doesn't have as much of an impact on computer sales as previous Win-OS releases had" and "Nobody wants to buy a new PC because of Vista". He also stated that "the (in)stability of Vista is certainly a problem".
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Postby Dark » Tue Jul 24, 2007 2:50 am

Well I certainly agree Vista is unstable by default. And yah the different editions are part of the business plan but just about everyone I know has Home Premium or Home Basic (Those are the ones I have to fix most of the time by booting into a Ubuntu Live-CD :lol: ) But I still don't get why they cripple functionality in Basic versions.... it seems that ever sense all the Microsoft employees and Bill Gates left their software has gone downhill.
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Postby kilikopele » Tue Jul 24, 2007 3:25 am

I think D_M really hit it on the head--unfortunately. From a pure, capitalist, business philosophy; they have patterned their business model after US Steel. (Or, if you prefer, "US Steal") Make money in every possible way and prevent any and all competitors from doing the same.
Just by your own entries:
Office Suite is provided by "Microsoft Office" which they currently sell in packages the give the illusion that the consumer is actually purchasing something tangible--though a quick perusal through their license informs you that you are in fact an owner of absolutely nothing. They will soon change to the "software as a service" model where you must pay a subscription fee for the privilege of accessing your own files.
OGG support is called WMA. They don't want consumers to embrace formats other than Windows Media. Look for the day when Vista automatically background-converts your MP3 files into WMA files in the name of homogenous security. It WILL happen.
Read support for EXT3, etc. See above. If they provide options, they permit alternative usages. I'm sure MS doesn't even want to support FAT any more because it permits users and organizations to use older versions. (As a sidenote: If there is any professional organization still using FAT32, please let me know who they are. I've always wanted a million dollars.)
Virus Protection: See "software as a service" and then look up "Windows Live OneCare". They are basically providing the market for their own service. Now THAT's a money maker.
Microsoft limit their PCs: Because repeal of a driver by M$ can actually kill a peripheral forcing consumers to upgrade the peripheral thus making hardware vendors happy, etc. It's an upward spiral for M$ and a downward spiral for consumers.

Holy crap! Who put this soap-box under me?! Here I thought I was just drinkin bourbon and surfin the net.
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Postby wyliecoyoteuk » Tue Jul 24, 2007 8:52 am

MS make most of their money from Windows and Office, so they are never going to give away Office, if they did they would not be able to support their other loss making divisions like Xbox, Zune, MSN, etc., etc.
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