PATA & SATA conflict on fedora 4

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PATA & SATA conflict on fedora 4

Postby Guest » Mon Jun 27, 2005 2:21 pm

I tried installing FC4 (final) on my ath 64 box last night. The problem is this I have two pata drives (ATA133) and 4 SATA drives, if I try to use both types I get a lot of garbage during boot and a lock up. The info is excessive and contains a lot of "fffffffffffff" and "CPU locked messages etc. when i disconnect the PATA drives all is fine, or if I disconnect all the sata and leave only the pata things are again fine. However I want to use both, any help greatly appreciated.

I am on a motherboard with an ATI chipset, if that helps, think it's X200 or something, my CPU is a Socket 939 athlon 3800+ Dual channel DDR400 2Gig of and an ATI X600 PCI express card, with a SBLive! 5.1

It is not a fault of the Motherboard *I think* because windows can handle it okay along with the six drives at once, not to mention the two DVD drives, one RW the other Playback only

Out of curiosity why can Fedora handle IDE DVD drives and Sata at the sametime but not IDE hard drives and SATA?

RE: PATA & SATA conflict on fedora 4

Postby nelz » Mon Jun 27, 2005 4:07 pm

Six hard drives, that computer must be damn noisy!

I assume you only want to install to one of these drives, so try disconnecting the others, installing, then reconnecting them. It is often the hardware detection routines used by the installer that trip over this sort of thing, rather than anything weird about the distro itself.
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