Developer? Not getting paid enough..

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Developer? Not getting paid enough..

Postby damianus » Mon Jan 22, 2007 6:04 pm

I need a little bit of help and had the idea of dropping it here.

i work as an IT Sales recruitment guy ( of course I'm really a KDE sotware dev. guy in disguise ( I am also damianus here ). I got into a long and rivetting conversation with a guy who has a new start -up. He wants a salesman who can code and *knows database*. I didn't fancy his chances of finding one until he told me that he's just looking for a coder with the ability and personality to earn bonuses selling his (frankly impressive technology).

Help me please?

This guy would have been me had I not tasted Mammons silver coins in recruitment / was a more experienced developer.

If this interests you int eh slightest get in touch so i can tell you more about it. I won't drop any figures for now, but I don't imagine there is any young coder earning as much as he's saying is easily achievable.

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