problems with Madriva

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problems with Madriva

Postby Jazzydude43 » Sun Jun 12, 2005 1:56 am

I haven't loaded Linux in about 8 years ... worked with Solaris a bit.
System is an AMD 2000+ XP Proccessor ..
384M Ram
Lite on CDrw
DVD drive

2 WD 40G drives on the Raid Controller (not in a raid)

Linux sees the 1st as hde has / (root) (hde1) and swap
2nd as hdf /home (hde5)

bootloader is set to boot /dev/hde1
when it boots .. it get past all the normal bios boot screen and the raid screen ... shows the irq screen ..
when it tries to boot .. I get "Error loading operating system"
This was a windows system . and I didn't make it dual boot. Is the Mandriva having problesm with the drives being on the raid controller?
Since they are both the same type of drive should I make them a raid?
I put the HD drives on the raid controller to allow me to use the CDRW and the DVD and masters on the 2 main IDE channels.
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