Online backup for Ubuntu Server

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Online backup for Ubuntu Server

Postby damo » Wed Jun 30, 2010 4:47 pm

I support a small business which uses an Ubuntu server (10.04 32 bit) as a file server which is access from Windows machines. The server is headless and is accessed through Webmin.

Can anyone recommend an automated online backup solution. I have looked at Carbonite and Livedrive but they only seem to work on Windows machines and will not backup network drives. As there is around 500Gb of data on the server and money is an important factor I would rather not go down the route of Amazon S3 or equivalent as the costs will be prohibitively high.

Thanks in advance for your help.
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Postby indie » Wed Jun 30, 2010 8:34 pm

Assuming that you're on an ADSL connection at work you could have it back to a NAS at home. The limiting factor would be the upload rate of your ADSL line at work. It doesn't matter what service you went with it would take ages to upload that amount of data. Whereas if you were to use a NAS at home you could perform an initial local rsync of your server at work to the NAS then take it home.

The only cost this way is the price of the NAS and hard disk(s), you may also like to upgrade your broadband connection to an unlimited one. It would depend how often the data changes though.

As for an Offsite Backup service provider, seem to be one of the cheapest I came across. It also supports quite a few different methods for getting at your data should you need to.

EDIT: If you live close to where you work then you may want to consider getting an EPS8 circuit. It's a 2-pair circuit of copper wire that connects two locations directly together and it's quite cheap. You rent the line from BT and can run what ever you like either end. For example Cisco 878s to get up to 4Mbps symmetric bandwidth or a G.SHDSL network extender either end or even this G.SHDSL LAN Extender Bridge for 11.4Mbps on a single EPS8 circuit.
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