Slackware 11.0 released

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Slackware 11.0 released

Postby nordle » Wed Oct 04, 2006 10:29 pm

After a year since the last release, Slackware 11.0 has made it out in the big wide world.

I've been following it closely since 10.2, and in that time there have been (for Slackware) some big changes (ie dropping gnome).

However, the core, the simplicity, the stability have not changed. This version went RC5, had a lot of user input during the beta and RC phase. I mean its been the most visually tested version of Slackware that I can remember.

I'm running it on 2 machines, its excellent. You still have add codecs etc and spend time customizing, which if thats not your thing then there are plenty of other choices.

But Slackware, the original, and (IMHO) still the absolute dogs dangly's of distros has released a diamond in the shape of 11.0

download it and buy it or donate or torrent

Pat "The Man" Volkerding has done what he does best, enjoy! :mrgreen:

For some of you, you may be thinking, I already knew this or you can see it was released on 02-OCT-06 and Im 2 days late with the post.
My 3 week old, freshly built core2 rig suffered RAM failure so Im waiting for Corsair RMA to kick in. So Im posting this from my hurridly finished MythTV box......built, of course, using Slackware ;)
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