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is Linux ready for the desktop

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Postby jjmac » Tue Jun 14, 2005 10:49 am

I suppose it all depends on whether we are asking "is Linux ready for the desktop" for the already converted; or "is Linux ready for the desktop" for people who might be considering moving over from Windows. If the former, yes it definitely is. If the latter, well, no, I don't think so.

I tend to think that part of Linuxs' problem is that it tries to be to windows like, in a focus via the two main window managers. People end up mistaking their manager for the platform.

Linux should really go its' own way completely. It should stick with the well tested security policy of having everything turned off by default ... but ... the ease comes with the readily available explaination of how to turn on whats needed/desired.

To often there are facilities that go unused only because a person hasn't got any information on how to enable them. That becomes totally a documentation issue.

And not just the "verbal" mindset that seem to dominate manual pages. Documentation must be both verbal and visual ... ie; diagrams and "examples" ...

Imagine how X could even become popular if it provided examples of all the differen XT options that exist ... but know one knows where (grin)

That goes for the installer stage as well ... clear, informative documented description, all nicely indexed.

I'm just thrilled to bits when a standard configure, make, make install works for me, let alone trying to adapt anything !!

Yes, i know ... a sense of humour is kinda handy at times ... is it not (grin)


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