I think my battery is so dead I can't even boot

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I think my battery is so dead I can't even boot

Postby Molten » Sun May 22, 2005 11:07 am

I've got a big problem with my Sharp Actius AL27 laptop. Being a newb isn't helping me either. But I'm pretty certain that my wiping out the XP partition has negatively affected my battery and now the system doesn't seem capable of recharging OR booting. No matter how long I keep it plugged in nothing happens when I press the power switch.

This laptop has a factory C and D drive partition. D drive is used to keep an emergency restore image of the factory installed Windows XP.

I experienced this very same problem about a month ago while I was trying out Mandrake 10.1 and through subsequent installs on this flavor I wiped out the original C and D partitions. My tinkering manually with the power cord whilst holding down the power switch got me booted once and I re-installed the original Windows XP from rescue disks.

Then, a few weeks later I got my hands on SUSE 9.3 and subsequently wiped out the C and D partitions again. Everything seemed to be fine for about two weeks but one morning when I went to boot- NADA!

What should I do?
I'm tempted to take the battery into a retail shop and try to swap it out just to try and boot the laptop, but I'm in Bangkok and there are no Sharp retail outlets that I am know of. There is a factory service center, but i'm assuming they wouldn't be to happy with my tinkering...

Anyone care to comment?
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RE: I think my battery is so dead I can

Postby Nigel » Sun May 22, 2005 1:14 pm

I would suggest that the problem lies with your power cord/PSU. The fact that you had this problem before but overcame it by "fiddling with the power cord" tells me that you have either a bad connection or a broken wire. Are you in the habit of winding the cables tightly around the power supply when you pack the laptop away ? We had a salesperson who did that, and I had to cut & resolder the cable on her PSU because the cable between it and the laptop eventually broke down internally due to being bent round too small a radius (about an inch after it emerged from the PSU).

Two things to try...
1) beg steal or borrow another compatible PSU, connect it to your laptop & turn it on. If it works, there's your answer - you need a new PSU.
2) If you can't do 1) (ie you don't know anyone else with the same laptop or a friendly retailer who will let you try), unplug the PSU from the laptop and connect a multimeter across the pins of the plug at the end of the cable (WITHOUT it plugged into the mains !)- do you have a resistance there ? Is it infinite ? If yes, you have a break in your cable.
Hope this helps,

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