The gloves are off

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The gloves are off

Postby nordle » Thu Jun 01, 2006 12:36 am

I luv a good fight! Go Hudzilla, go Hudzilla! Kick those whining little b*tches in the ass! :)
(allow me my childish banter for 2 mins)
Tell them to stop pi$$ing and moaning and man up!

-- In my best celebrity deathmatch voice --
We want a good clean fight, no excess use of Ballmer screaming developers, developers in the background putting people off, and no bringing an army of penguins to dissrupt the other team.
We want a good clean fight, lets get it on!!

I'll put a tenner on you winning.

What are the ground rules, presumably your talking about installing from scratch and original media ie no ghost images etc

EDIT: And without delving too much into the kind of language my spam filter picks up, its one thing to get it up but quite another to keep it up for several weeks at a time! :shock:
Will there be some sort of stress test for a week to see who crumples first!
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RE: The gloves are off

Postby Diagmato » Mon Jun 05, 2006 8:37 pm

I would sure like to see that server race - perhaps a progress report every 5 mins, and a comment from the Windows team when they find out how badly they lost.
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