shell script backup system

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shell script backup system

Postby mmorenopc » Tue May 31, 2005 4:49 pm

Hi all!!, I have being trying an script I found in a magazine to put in place a simple way to incrementaly backup files in a directory, i have tryied all sort of combination but the error persist, is something with xargs but i can see it

the script is:

find /home/office/ -newer /home/backup/office-backup-`date -I -d yesterday`.tgz \! -type d | xargs tar -zcvf /home/malcolm/office-date -I.tgz

And for more than i check what coung be wrong I can't see it and i get this error message

Any idea what migh be wrong ?

xargs: unmatched single quote

Thanks a lot a the force be with you !!
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RE: shell script backup system

Postby nelz » Tue May 31, 2005 6:56 pm

Try this

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find /home/office/ -newer /home/backup/office-backup-$(date -I -d yesterday).tgz \! -type d | xargs tar -zcvf /home/malcolm/office-$(date -I).tgz

$() is more readable than backticks, once you switch to those, you see you left them out of the archive name.

This will work provided none of your filenames include spaces, or any other shell reserved characters. xargs falls over on those. A more robust solution would be

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find /home/office/ -newer /home/backup/office-backup-$date -I -d yesterday).tgz \! -type d -exec tar -cf /home/malcolm/office-$(date -I).tar "{}" \;
gzip /home/malcolm/office-$(date -I).tar
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