ADSL Broadband ISP recommendations

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ADSL Broadband ISP recommendations

Postby richie » Wed Oct 25, 2006 12:04 pm


I've left a NTL cable area and about to sign up for ADSL for the first time.

Does anyone have any recommendations of an ISP to use? Ideally I'd like 2mb unlimited usage.

I've found that Zen and Plusnet get good reviews, are they worth it? What do users here use for ADSL?

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RE: ADSL Broadband ISP recommendations

Postby towy71 » Wed Oct 25, 2006 12:12 pm

I am very happy with Zen, their cheapest option, as a home user it works just fine for me. A couple of blips in service, dealt with swiftly and courteously.
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RE: ADSL Broadband ISP recommendations

Postby nelz » Wed Oct 25, 2006 12:22 pm

I too use Zen and have found their service excellent.
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RE: ADSL Broadband ISP recommendations

Postby shifty_ben » Wed Oct 25, 2006 7:09 pm

Interestingly I was just coming into Off-Topic to post what a poor time I have had with my old ISP. Tiscali were told quite a while back that I was moving house and could they cease and reprovide please? 10 working days later they had ceased but hadn't even started to install the needed equipment at the exchange, so I cancelled with them as it wasn;t the first problem. So first recommendation is do not go with Tiscali! don't be suckered by their prices.

I'm now on BT Total Broadband if you go for the most expensive one (for home suers that is) i.e, Option 4 you get 40Gb bandwidth per month (They don't mind if you go over occassionally) a SIP Phone that plugs into the hub they send you, Norton Antivirus (makes a great ashtray) and up to 8MB speeds, I was told I'd get 6, and in actual fact im getting 7.5 so I'm happy enough.

Option 4 is costing me 26 pounds a month, and my SIP phone is free evenings and weekends, oh and in case you need them you get an allowance of BT Openzone minutes.
I was with BT a long time ago, and the only problem I had with them at the time was their price compared to Tiscali's, now I can appreciate why.

So in case anyone was wondering where I'd gone, ask Tiscali!
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RE: ADSL Broadband ISP recommendations

Postby bigjohn » Mon Oct 30, 2006 10:48 pm

Doesn't seem like a bad deal there Ben, I'm currently on F2S, which doesn't seem too bad. previously I used eclipse, which were good, but better deals made me defect - before that, it was pipex, who now seem to be offering a few reasonable deals - the service was good, nearly 2 years with only the 1 minor outage.

As nelz and others say, Zen do have a very good reputation. A bit dearer than most, but I suppose the smaller ISP's can't compete on price so they make up with excellent service/customer support (one of the blokes at my LUG is a debian developer - his own mirror etc etc, rates them very highly).

Maybe you should just compare at [url]
[/url] - they always seem pretty on the ball about this.


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