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Postby acraigon » Thu Apr 07, 2005 7:35 pm

I have a spare 2.2gb of disk space alongside a windows 2000 ntfs partition of 4.1gb which is on a college network. The Computer is a Dell Optiplex running at 400 mhz with 128mb of ram. I can load the operating system onto the hard disk using MiniSlack which takes up 1.2gb but when I try to create a boot disk or lilo on a floppy it will not let me. I therfore cannot boot into the Linux operating system. Anyone know why I cannot create lilo or a boot disk on floppy?(The floppy drive works)

RE: Windows2000

Postby towy71 » Thu Apr 07, 2005 9:12 pm

have you tried using SmartBootManager (in the Essentials directory) which has been on LXF cover disks for ages?
simple to create a floppy that will recognise any bootable partition
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RE: Windows2000

Postby fingers99 » Thu Apr 07, 2005 9:27 pm

when I try to create a boot disk or lilo on a floppy it will not let me.

Is the floppy fully formatted? Often a "quick" format doesn't allow enough space.

An alternative, if you can get access to the bios, is a live CD: what you have will struggle with Kanaopix or Knoppix, but should run DSL just fine.
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