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Postby RD » Fri Apr 21, 2006 11:29 pm

The people at and have take up use of SASL for IRC

* What is SASL?

SASL is basically a way to authenticate your client to services in a more secure fashion. Traditional authentication services will not be leaving AthemeNet.

For the more technically minded, Wikipedia defines it as:

Simple Authentication and Security Layer (SASL) is a framework for authentication and data security in Internet protocols. It decouples authentication mechanisms from application protocols, in theory allowing any authentication mechanism supported by SASL to be used in any application protocol that uses SASL. Authentication mechanisms can also support proxy authorization, a facility allowing one user to assume the identity of another. Authentication mechanisms can also provide a data security layer offering data integrity and data confidentiality services. DIGEST-MD5 is an example of mechanisms which can provide a data security layer. Application protocols that support SASL typically also offer Transport Layer Security other data security services to complement the services offered by SASL.

SASL is specified in RFC 2222, authored by John Meyers while at Carnegie Mellon University. SASL is an IETF Standard Track protocol, presently a Proposed Standard. The IETF SASL Working Group is currently engineering a revision of the SASL technical specification, as well as revisions of a number of SASL mechanism technical specifications.

Why would I want to use SASL?

Common reasons include:

* Not wanting to disclose your services passwords in plaintext (SASL can help to protect against interception attempts!)
* No hassles from services, (you connect to the network already authenticated and ready to go.)
* The ability to make use of new forms of authentication (Traditional IRC is very limited in what it can do authentication-wise.). **

you can download and irssi script and xchat script below



then connect to or and using irssi /SET sasl_user yournick then /SET sasl_password yourpassword

the above commands (user and password) would be what you registered with to nickserv ie /msg nickserv register mypass mymail.

* - ** = taken from the authors website

EDIT updated with new DNS
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