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DVD burner

Postby aleks » Tue Mar 28, 2006 8:29 am

I`m going to build my own computer when I move to england this summer. I wsa going to start building one a few months ago but I realised that it would just be largely unpracticle to transport it to my new home in england compared to building it when I get there. Problem is though that the computer I have here is very slow. So I made the decision to upgrade certain parts of the computer and when I move to england I`ll put them back into their packaging and take them with me. At the moment I`ve bought a GeForce FX5200 card. I used to have an old Voodoo 3 card but it didn`t work well with Linux and a the FX5200 was good value for money. Also I don`t really need more than the performance it gives me. What I want to do now is install a DVD burner. But I need to know if there are any DVD burners that do not work with Linux. I`ll be buying an internal drive. I`ve got my eyes on the LITEON SHW160P6S. Will it work?

I`m running OpenSUSE SICK whic I got from the LFX78 DVD.
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RE: DVD burner

Postby nelz » Tue Mar 28, 2006 11:10 am

It should work. DVD writers all use the same command set, so one IDE/ATAPI device is much the same as any other. Chances are that several of the models you have looked at are rebadged versions of the same unit.
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