Fuji NX500 printer

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Fuji NX500 printer

Postby photobod » Tue Jan 31, 2006 10:07 pm

I have had a couple of Fuji NX500 printers for a while. These are A6 format "Thermo-autochrome" printers which use a thermally activated chromogenic process. The process seems to work with several passes, rather like a dye-sub and the end result is also very similar to a dye-sub, but without needing a ribbon.

While the print quality is very good. the NX500 comes only with drivers for Windows and I've so far been unable to persuade it to do anything at all with Linux.

I've checked Linuxprinting, ESP and Turboprint web sites for support without any joy. I've also tried using various generic drivers (Postscript 1 & 2 and GDI) without any success.

Does anyone have any information about the language these printers understand or any experience (or better, success) getting them to function?
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