Win modems from hell

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Win modems from hell

Postby o-q » Fri Jan 13, 2006 7:02 pm

My current laptop ride is a Sony k115m, which I am very happy with but I cannot get a stait answer from anyone as to where I can find a distro that will detect the winmodem a "CTX AC-link modem for Ali"

As I am a sculptur I have no idea what this is, can any one help.
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RE: Win modems from hell

Postby Lejon » Sat Jan 14, 2006 10:53 pm

A "Winmodem" is sort of a half a modem.
Wher much of the hardware stuff is replaced by software drivers.

While a standard modem, you can plug it in to a COM or USB port,
and just send raw commands to it, and it works fine.
A win modem needs extra drivers to enterpitate thes commands and make the lamemodem, err. Windmodem understand them.

I dont know of a Distro that supports winmodems out of the box.
So it can be abit tricky to get them working.
However not imposible.

Personaly I have not gotten a winmodem to actualy work.
But thats cus I have only encountered them in Stationary PCs and then simply desided its not worth is, and get a NIC and get a Broadband connection insted.

If you realy dont have any other choise than to get the Winmodem working.
You should look at this URL:
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