Ndiswrapper & Mandriva 2006 Cover Distro

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Ndiswrapper & Mandriva 2006 Cover Distro

Postby srbhiscock » Tue Dec 13, 2005 9:51 pm

A quick question from a bit of a Newbie......HELP :shock:

I have installed the free Mandriva Distro from the DVD LFX75. It all works fine except that when I try and get my Buffalo Wifi card (Broadcom 4306 Chipset) the ndiswrapper app throws up an error message after I have selected the Windoze driver inf file. It says that it is unable to continue as the ndiswrapper interface is not present.

Whilst there may be an patch avaialable to fix this can anybody give me a steer on how to sort this out.
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