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ATK PHP Application Framework

Postby jamiet » Wed May 11, 2005 11:51 am


Not sure if I should post this here or in the Magazine forum. I thought I would share with you a gem of coding in the form of an app framework. I am currently toying with a PHP application framework called ATK. This is an object orientated web application framework written in PHP which reduces your custom programming code dramatically. The framework is very flexible and if it really cannot handle something you want to do then you can conveniently mix the framework with your own code in a fairly extensible way (so you can still upgrade the core framework). I am not a php guru but following through the framework it looks well structured and thought out and appears to cater for most scenarios. In addition there are demo apps and documentation and a very responsive mailing list, they have just started a wiki and developers blog as well.

The developers have used the framework to develop a web based project management application called achievo. They have open sourced both the framework and the application and they sell services based off of the two.

If anyone would like to check this framework out then point your browser to

I thought that this framework would make a good php article so Mr Hudson if you are reading!!!


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