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Forum Closure Notice

Postby jonni » Tue Apr 24, 2018 9:14 am

As was announced in this post in July, we have been planning on closing these forums. The impending GDPR legislation, which comes into effect May 25th, catalyses this closure, so expect these forums to disappear over the next 30 days. GDPR places strong conditions on any data we hold on EU residents, and requires clear consent to be given as to how that data is stored and shared. We're not lawyers, but it's clear that the data held on EU residents in the forum database (email addresses, recent IP addresses, any optional contact data) falls under the rubric of "personal data". GDPR would require us to get explicit consent from those users to be able to continually hold that data lawfully. We will be making static archives of the forums and (which you may have noticed now redirects to and hope to make these available in a useful form soon. We'll also be removing ad trackers and the Twitter embed from the homepage, (the @linuxformat feed will remain active).

None of these changes will affect the functioning of the PDF archive.

Perhaps this is an appropriate 101st post. The forums have been in decline since the 'new team' took over, but that team have been under ever increasing pressure to produce a magazine on an ever shrinking budget. So sadly that is where our energies have to be focused. There are better forums to get help ( and other distro-specific ones, as well as /r/linuxquestions on Reddit), and you can always email me your Linux questions at .

Farewell, and thanks for all the icthyoids
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Re: Forum Closure Notice

Postby guy » Tue Apr 24, 2018 8:22 pm

jonni wrote:There are better forums to get help


But best wishes anyway and, of course, thanks for all the fish. Especially 1sf, whom the new team wot not of but I shall continue to miss.
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Re: Forum Closure Notice

Postby Dutch_Master » Wed May 09, 2018 2:09 pm

Pity, but not unexpected.

All the best to the LXF team, and thx for the help and the platform to give help.

Bye all! :cry:
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