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Media + Minecraft Server

Postby mediamgl » Thu Dec 28, 2017 3:16 pm


I'm looking for recommendations to implement a new entertainment setup.

I intend to build a server for this, but it will need to operate mostly without a connection to the internet (when I need to connect, it will be for short times using a Netgear AC785 docked in a DC113A) as the "deploy location" does not actually have an internet connection. I will have a 'proper' internet connection during setup.

Any suggestions on capable, yet inexpensive hardware for the server would be greatly appreciated along with thoughts on the best setup, software and configuration. I have a Nvidia Shield TV (16GB) that I will attach to the main TV which can serve as a client device and allow some offline gaming). I also have a couple of Raspberry Pi boards that I can use (likely for client devices).

Ideally, what I am trying to achieve is something capable of:
- media server
-- likely running either Kodi or Plex for local video playback (from USB/microSD...) to iPad/Android tablet/Kindle Fire/or client attached to 1 of 3 TVs;
-- the ability to stream to more than 1 client simultaneously would be a real advantage (e.g. 2 TVs or 1 TV and a tablet watching 2 different programs at the same time)
-- a bonus would be to be for tablets and mobile phones to upload recent photos to the media server's storage for local sharing (and maybe a batch upload to Dropbox or Smugmug at some point via the 4G connection or hotspot tethering)
- minecraft server
-- If possible, I would like the same server to act as a local minecraft server for my children to play together (locally) from their tablets; no need for outsiders to join and no need to access the server/worlds from beyond the vicinity of the LAN

Suggestions appreciated. I am hoping to take advantage of some end-of-year sales for components. :-)

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Re: Media + Minecraft Server

Postby Dutch_Master » Thu Dec 28, 2017 4:57 pm

Have a look here:

More general advise: pack in as much RAM as the budget allows (within the limits of the main board of course). I'd say to the extend of choosing a slower proc to allow more RAM, your kernel will be grateful ;) (more RAM means less swapping, thus saving time. Not a great deal, but every saving counts ;) ) Also, reserve wireless for devices that need it, wire up all devices that can be wired up. Wireless is a vulnerability, as it provides a point-of-attack for outsiders. It's also slower then a wired Gbit connection! Investigate the 'thin client' concept via LTSP: It allows you to always boot a clean copy of the OS on the client, taking the RPi concept a bit further. I actually managed to get it to work a while back, serving i386 boot images from an AMD 64 bit server (undocumented feature at that time). The intended use for this project failed to materialise and now the server has failed hardware.

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Re: Media + Minecraft Server

Postby mediamgl » Fri Dec 29, 2017 2:45 pm

Thanks for taking the time to respond and share your suggestions. I have found a few references online with people using Intel NUCs as the hardware basis for similar use cases.

I'll follow the links that you shared and better inform my approach and plan my configuration; trading off a RAM boost at the cost of processing power makes sense.

Wishing you a very happy new year and prosperous 2018!
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