Skype Alternatives - do any work?

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Skype Alternatives - do any work?

Postby TheMetMan » Sun Sep 17, 2017 6:59 pm

It is a few years since this was discussed, three to be exact. I am very annoyed by Microsoft, they now prevent any Skype Phone which can connect to Landline Phones connecting to Skype. This was done, as far as I know, without any warning, so my easy connection to friends and family is now in the electronic grave.
I would like a replacement method which works on Linux, Android and Windows (for some of the family)
I have a Laptop running Linux Mint 18, a Tablet running Cyanogenmod. Want to communicate when traveling, and also with family & friends regularly.
I have looked at several items:
Wire:- now you would think this would work, created by one of the original Skype people. Lovely interface, works in a browser, has a desktop for Linux and Windows. Nice Android App, but when I call someone, they answer, but it disconnects my end. Also sound can sound like 'chipmonks' my end (only have Internet 10Mb/s down and 1Mb/sec up. Dish to mountaintop) so basically unusable
Jitsi:- (tends to crash and lots of echo, cured by headphones). I cannot work out on the Android app how to connect to an individual person. I may be using the wrong app, but all it asks for is a room, nothing about an account. What is all that about? One good point is that you can adjust the mic and speaker volumes easily.
Ekiga:- need to set up port forwarding on the router, no good for me.
Linphone:- nice Android App, but can I get it to install in Linux? No I can't! I am not a beginner, I have been using Gentoo for nearly 20 years.
Tox:- Installed the PPA, but nothing found when trying to install it. No good.
Ring:- Constantly crashing my tablet. Could not get it to work properly on the desktop, and very strange way of logging in, I could not find a way of adding an account I already had from a fresh install. Very frustrating to try and use.

Has anyone got an alternative to Skype actually working? Also how about our Great Magazine does an article on this subject. I am sure alot of people would like to see the back of Skype.
Perhaps someone can tell me how to setup Wire with Pulseaudio so the chipmonks disappear. Perhaps some way to tweak audio somewhere (not possible in the software).
Or something else altogether.
Video Calls between Linux/Android/Windows ideally opensource. Not much to ask in my opinion.
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